The Industrial Revolution In The Early United States

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One of the most influential moments in history was the Industrial Revolution. This key time period pushed the world into the age of large infrastructure and rapid expansion. Around the world great inventors and engineers created incredibly influential things like the steam engine and mass production factories. This new age pushed to improve the everyday life of the common man and to create a new and more effective ways to create and use commercial goods. In the U.S. the advent of industry was primarily pushed by the Embargo Act of 1807 and the War of 1812 which brought about a strong sense of industry in the U.S. and brought up some great U.S. born inventors.
The Embargo act of 1807 was not actually the first of its kind. The Nonimportation Act, passed in 1806, was put in place by Thomas Jefferson in an attempt to quell the problems with British trade. Currently in this time period there were a number of problems between the U.S. and Great Britain. Britain was still not on ...view middle of the document...

So without the ability to get the finished refined goods that they wanted through imports, they just started to create them themselves. Without foreign competition homegrown business was able to flourish, and metal workers especially were able to benefit from the embargo.
The war of 1812 pushed the U.S. even farther into the industrial age. Although many scholars argue that the war was a baseless waste of money and lives, it helped secure a hold on hometown business.(Embargo Act) With the relations with Britain and France in questionable standings the U.S. pleaded with Britain to remove the ability for British naval troops to seize U.S. cargo vessels. When Britain failed to call off their troops, Congress issued a declaration of war. This meant that the U.S. was going to it’s first war as a fully independent nation. So where does a nation get guns and uniforms, most likely from themselves. Especially considering since the nation that primarily imports to the U.S. is the one they are at war with. So the creation of guns and other military needs increased immensely during the war of 1812.
Along with the creation of guns and weapons the U.S. also created a number of great inventions that pushed the world forward. One of the great inventors from this time was Robert Fulton.(Kelly, Martin) While the creation of the steam engine improved the rail system in Europe, it was being used for a similar machine in the U.S. Fulton used the steam engine in order to create the first commercially usable steam ship. The creation of the steamship easily increased the speed and effectiveness of global trade. With the creation of faster trade the U.S. was able to increase its exports exponentially and by early 1900 it was the primary source of transportation.
These great events and inventors allowed for the U.S. to enter an age of fantastic expansion.
Thanks to the Embargo Act, the War of 1812 and amazing engineers the U.S. was able to play an important role in the developing world market and were a major manufacturing force of the age. This built a powerful foundation for the U.S. and allowed for the country to continue into the future of developing technology.

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