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The Industry Ruling The Country Essay

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The United States has come to a point where a person cannot go for very long without being greeted with some sort of advertisement. Advertisements are everywhere, no matter how secluded of a life someone may live. They appear on most web pages of the Internet, show up on cellphones during applications, and are plastered along roadways. It has become second nature for most people to tune out the advertisements that are thrown in their faces at practically every turn. Our country is especially ridden with advertisements compared to others, as it has become a multi-billion industry for the country. Fueled by a materialistic frame of mind, the population’s desire for the latest product keeps the advertising field thriving.
As a consumer of this materialistic country, I can sometimes feel overwhelmed with all of the advertisements that exist and are thrust at me constantly. While some of them can be cute or creative and occasionally put a smile on my face, the majority of them exasperate me with their stupidity. However, when an advertisement is done correctly and the quality of it astounds the viewer, something amazing can happen. People can start to talk about what they have been impressed by, and word-of-mouth creates further advertising. Advertising is a form of art that reaches millions of people at once and can affect their view on not just the product, but on the entire idea of advertising itself.
It is shocking the extravagant amounts of money that companies are willing to pay to advertise their products. From spending millions of dollars a second to have a commercial air during the Super Bowl or hiring a well-known face to support their product, companies are willing to do whatever it takes to get their brand out there. Brand devotion is key for the major companies to stay on top, and brand recognition is extremely common. There is even a board game that is all about testing people’s knowledge about companies’ logos. Many mobile applications do the same.
Brand recognition can start at a young age. For example, my little cousin knew what the Reese’s logo was when he was just two years old. I remember when my aunt was appalled when he asked her for Reese’s ice cream by the brand name instead of calling it chocolate or peanut butter. Not that he had been living a sheltered life, but he was not exposed to many brands either compared to others of his age. This happened six years ago, and I still remember it because it made me really think about how consumer driven this country is and how it affects even those who try their best to stay ignore it.
One of my biggest experiences with the impact of advertising happened last month when I went to New York City for the first time. The bus dropped us off at Times Square and I could not believe my eyes. It is one thing to see images of Times Square or footage from television shows and movies. It is another thing entirely to actually stand in the middle of it and gaze at all of the gigantic screens...

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