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The Ineffectiveness Of The Death Penalty In Our Legal System

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You are sentenced to death by lethal injection. This is what so many people have heard, and few have lived to tell about. Capital punishment was introduced in the middle ages as a punishment for a serious crime, often called a capital offence or a capital crime. Capital punishment gave courts the right to enforce one of the most severe punishments known to man, the death penalty. The punishment however can and has been applied incorectly and to innocent offenders. As well, the majority of countries in the world have outlawed the death penalty, proving its ineffectiveness. Also, the cost to maintain and operate the death penalty is too expensive to be effective over a long term. Thus, the death penalty is an ineffective legal tool in the justice system.The death penalty is inadequate because it's often applied incorrectly and to innocent offenders. First off, people have been put on death row who are not guilty of the charges they received. According to the Death Penalty Information Center, since 1973, 113 people in 25 states have been released from death row with evidence of their innocence. There are many innocent people being put to death because capital punishment doesn't give investigators the time to fully process and find new evidence to prove these convicts are not guilty. Secondly, the death penalty is not efficent when executions are botched. Proof of this can be found from the Death Penalty Information Center, in particular the unsuccessful execution of Jimmy Lee Gray who was to be put to death by gas chamber, the witneses had to be evacuated while the inmate was still alive after a drunk executioner, Barry Bruce, used the wrong gas causing Jimmy Gray to suffer intolerably until taking his own life by banging his head against a steel pole inside the chamber. Executioners often are uncapable of correctly applying the death penalty causing uninformed pain for the convict, this is not an effective use of the death penalty. Lastly, a framed person put to death by capital punishment can not be reimbursed later. For example, The Thin Blue Line, a documentary film, describes a case in the late 1970s in which an innocent man, Randall Adams, was framed by the Dallas County police department for the murder of a police officer because they knew the more likely suspect, David Harris, was still a minor and thus ineligible for the death penalty. The death penalty encourages police misconduct and the innocent people who've lost their life can't be brought back to prove their innocence. Thus, not guilty people being put to death, botched executions and framing of innocent people all prove the death penalty's inadequacy in being applied properly and to guilty offenders.Most countries in the world have outlawed capital punishment showing their rejection of its efficiency. To begin with, the majority of countries in the world have exterminated the death penalty. According to amnesty international, 78 countries and territories (over half the countries in...

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