The Inequality Between The Rich & The Poor The Hunger Games

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The genre of dystopian fiction is becoming more popular every day. A recent example of an extremely popular dystopian fiction novel is The Hunger Games written by Suzanne Collins. The novel is a warning to modern readers suggesting that the inequality between the rich and the poor in our society is very similar to that represented in the novel. Collins' protagonist of the story, Katniss Everdeen, is the victim of financial discrimination from the capitol. The Capitol’s forms of welfare for the disadvantaged provide little assistance, people are having to break the law just to survive and how it would help if the Capitol gave the Districts their fair share of wealth. There are literary ...view middle of the document...

When a member of the armed forces dies in combat, the partner is then given money to compensate for the loss. This money never runs out though. If this pension had been applicable to Katniss' mother and in existence in Panem, their family may not be as disadvantaged as they currently are. If the pension existed in Panem, there would be less people “starving to death in safety” and more people working and earning a good amount of money to support their families.

The Hob, District 12's Black Market, is run in an abandoned coal warehouse. Katniss trades her hunting kills for more useful items for her family such as bread, salt and paraffin. These items help Katniss and her family live a better life. Katniss “could be shot on a daily basis” for hunting but she believes that a better life for her family will be better in the end. People that live in the higher class area don’t have to hunt as they are wealthier than most and can afford food. This is similar to the process of people smuggling. People try to escape poverty, oppression, war or natural disasters and then sell their possessions to a people smuggler who will then take them to another country for the hope of a better life. Normally only a few family members will travel first. This way they can settle and then the rest of the family can come later. Richer people have enough money or earn enough that they can afford to go when they want to if they need to. This therefore highlights the similarities between Collins' world and our current society. Collins uses literary devices to further the point that her view is the way the world will become.

District 12 is the exact opposite of the Capitol. The Capitol crave to look young and thin whereas in District 12, the life expectancy is low because of the lack of food. “They do surgery in the...

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