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The Inequality In An “Equal” Society

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What is power? Power means the strength and the right given of controlling anyone else. However, when too much power is given to someone, dictatorship cannot be avoided. In the book “Animal Farm”, George Orwell used a lot of events happened on the farm to illustrate that how did the ‘animalism’ turn into “totalitarianism” and well defined the sentence “Absolute power corrupts absolutely”, which also reflects how the society was like at that time. Therefore, in order to find out the reason why George Orwell wrote the story, this essay will talk about how power is abused and the effect on other "comrades" by using several events and the examples of language features used in the story.

Throughout the story, the first signal that illustrates the corruption in pigs started right after the animals chased away Mr. Jones. When the animals milked the cows and discussed about what to do with all the milk, Napoleon cried “Never mind the milk, comrades…placing himself in front of the buckets” (p18) and then all buckets of milk disappeared. This is foreshadowing that later Napoleon may become the kind of leader who keeps everything good for himself and does not care about others, and this actually happened later. Several days later, someone found out that all the milk was mixed in pigs’ mash everyday as well as the apples and pointed that pigs broke the rule of “All animals are equal” (p17). This time the pigs cannot stay calm anymore. Squealer firstly said that they pigs actually do not like milk and apples and the reason why they added those into their mash was because they were ‘brainworkers’ and those were good for their brain and only when they were healthy enough the other’s safety can be guaranteed. After that, Squealer used repetition and rhetorical questions to “enrich” his speech: he said twice the sentence “Jones would come back” (p25) and asked the others “who wants to see Jones come back” (p26). Surely, no one would like Jones to come back and when those animals knew that pigs were actually ‘protecting’ them, they felt guilty and did not have any proper reasons to oppose the pigs any more.

The second event that shows the abuse of power was “the purge”. In chapter seven, Animal Farm had a problem of lacking of food, therefore, Napoleon asked all the hens to give out their eggs in order to exchange for food. However, that call was opposed by all the hens, they rather smashed the eggs into pieces than selling to others. But at last, they still had to agree with the cruel fact, handed in their eggs, and that was where the purge started. Later in the story, each time when someone opposes Napoleon’s decision, they would be treated as being killed. “The pig’s ears were bleeding, the dogs have tasted blood” (p61). Although the sentences here are short, the fear it shows does...

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