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The Influence Of A Student Teacher

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Henry Adams, an American Historian once wrote that a teacher affects eternity: they can never tell where their influence stops. Through all my experiences working with and instructing children, Henry Adams?s quote is what I find the most inspiring. As a teacher, one has the ability to affect a child?s life in more ways than anyone can ever imagine. That one smile or kind word you can offer as a teacher just might be the only positive interaction a child has the entire day. Because I feel I have the inborn characteristics that it takes to become a teacher, good management skills, patience, love of learning and most importantly, the love of children, I can reach children on a personal and professional level. I have the ability to bring the curiosity within a child out. Observing a child when they have learned something new is what makes teaching worth while. When I graduate from college, I want a job that I can feel like I have really made a difference in someone?s life and made a positive impact on my community.Knowledge is the pathway to a new understanding. Giving and obtaining knowledge can better a person?s life in many different ways. I have obtained knowledge as I have matriculated through the University of Akron from several courses, such as, Characteristics of Learners, Teaching and Learning Strategies and Understanding Literacy Development and Phonics. I now posses the skills necessary to be successful in the classroom. Not only will I provide learning opportunities for students, I also will be a positive role model to students (INTASC 1). During a field experience in a kindergarten classroom, I observed a teacher who helped her students by providing structure and discipline in a caring and creative environment. I observed her as she modeled good teaching skills while providing the students with the knowledge they needed to comprehend the lesson. Understanding and providing the concepts and tools of teaching can help to assist the teacher in bettering a child?s education (INTASC 7). I will use the positive teaching methods and strategies I have observed.In recent years not only has technology become a standard in our curriculum but more importantly, it has become an integral part of day-to-day life. Utilizing and integrating technology into a classroom can enrich the learning environment. Learners should receive the opportunity to work with computer materials that use content and language that are within the range of their conceptual development. In addition, implementing the computer as a means of applying reading strategies to all areas of the curriculum, programs related to science, social studies, and math require the use of strategies for reading comprehension (INTASC 6). Throughout my field experiences I have observed students using computers as a tool to enhance their lessons. They have been used for reading assessments, math tutoring and research. I hope to implement lessons into the classroom that use technologies as a resource...

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