The Influence Of A Superpower: Aiding A Nation

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In July of 2011, South Sudan gained its independence from Sudan, becoming the world’s youngest country (Government of the Republic of South Sudan). This monumental event came with a long history of conflict, war, and struggle. At the time, Sudan faced civil unrest in many regions of its country, especially in the southern and western regions. The one most recently affected is the city of Darfur in the West. Although, South Sudan gained its independence, it was not done alone. The northeastern country of Sudan received American aid and guidance through support, resources, the implementation of policies, and reformation (South Sudan Profile). In 2005, the influence of the American superpower made great impacts amongst the Sudanese country.
United States President John F. Kennedy once said that “Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind” (Kennedy). It is apparent that the United States has made an effort in that regard in attempts towards eliminating conflict through the promotion of democracy for those countries in need and willing to accept democratic reform. The United States holds a history of democratic policy as dynamic as the Sudanese civil conflicts. After the Second World War, the United States worked towards promoting democracy amongst European countries. The spread of democracy broadened to different areas of the world after the U.S. involvement of the Cold War and the 9/11 attack on American soil. The Bush Administration believed that promoting democracy combatted terrorism (United States House of Democracy Partnership). There are no official policies towards implementing democracy because according to (United States House of Democracy Partnership), it is an uncertain art. Fortunately, Legislative and Executive branches of the government have bilateral programs which provide aid to support elections, building the legal system, and other democratic practices. The Multilateral Programs promote and monitor democratic reform around the world (United States House of Democracy Partnership). These plans and policies set up countries with the foundation to become more democratic. The House of Representatives also consists of committees which focus on issues and areas such as Africa, global health, global human rights, Asia, emerging threats, and nonproliferation. These committees within the House address international issues and areas that other countries continually face and evaluate them while communicating with their governments to instill a more peaceful and hopefully democratic lifestyle (Welcome to House Committee on Foreign Affairs-Ed Royce, Chairman). The actions the United States takes towards foreign affairs is seen publicly through live broadcasted hearings, microfiche proposals, and all aspects available are openly shared online through their website.
The African country of Sudan has faced a long history of conflict. In the past, their ethnic battle amongst Northern Egyptians and Southern Sudan raged for...

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