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The Influence Of Advertising Essay

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Roughly sixteen thousand are witnessed every day. They are prevalent in almost every part of our lives and there is almost no way to stop it. Weather we locate them on busses, planes trains, streets, cars, or any location, they are similar to a cancer that cannot be removed because of the society we live in. They can have a huge influence on us or sometimes they can fly by us; or so we think. Advertisements influence audiences by appealing through emotion and providing a solution, however, the main impact is through a technique called “referencing”.
When trying to sell a product or service, advertisements will often include actors that display the same feeling about an item or service that ...view middle of the document...

Volkswagen uses an appeal to emotion to make the audience feel joy towards their product. This causes the audience to think of joy whenever they see a Volkswagen because they saw the happy society on television. This ethos connection to the audience is just one of the highly effective techniques for successful advertising.
Every day, people experience problems; and for almost every problem, people will search for a solution. Advertisements that can display to their audiences that the solution is simple with their product often prevail over others. The “problem-solution” method works just as a hook in paper where the real topic should be hidden until it is needed. Steve McNamara, an award-winning creative director, has written on the website “” that “If your product or service is a problem solver, get the problem up front, in the headline, in the opening shot.” This is because the solution should act as a conclusion to the advertisement and to the problem. Steve later explains how an imaginary problem can be created to sell the product too. Any problem that the audience sees is potentially possible and so an imaginary issue can still be potentially successful. Common sightings of this form of advertisement are the cheesy as seen on TV commercials. Although they seem unsuccessful, they include problems that the audience wants solved. Where there is a problem, there is a solution, if that solution can be solved and salesmen of the product can display it through advertising, the product will fly off the shelf.
It is subconsciously realized that most ads involve a very unrealistic setting or set of events unless it is thought about deeply. Often times, advertisements can seem as though they are realistic even when they are not. Many ads include scenes of beaches, tranquility, or on the other side of the spectrum, wild partying depending on the targeted audience. Most of these events are...

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