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The Influence Of Air Pollution On Human Health

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The main authors’ purpose for writing the articles is to inform people about the influence of air pollution on the human health and determine all chemical pollutants into the atmosphere. Dr, Schrank’s, the author one of the articles, has been doing environmental investigation over the course of his life. Obviously, he drew attention to such important issue as air pollution and health.
I did focus on these articles because air pollution is actually a global problem around the world, and this problem will probable never be solved completely. However, as many others people I am really worried about our ecological environment. Also, within my hometown authorities intend to build Ferroalloy plant without the consent of citizens. As a result, emission of Ferroalloy into the atmosphere will adversely affect both the environmental pollution and health of the citizens of the Krasnoyarsk region. Nevertheless, air pollution has dramatically increased since 2000 year in Krasnoyarsk city. As a consequence, more than a half of the inhabitants live in unfavorable environmental. The main pollutants within the city are formaldehyde, phenol, sulfur dioxide, ammonia and carbon monoxide. Furthermore, vehicles pollute the environment while the machines are technically obsolete, and 80% of population uses malignant petrol in order to fill the car up.
In my point of view, constructions of any plants and factories within the urban city is the most unreasonable action of authorities because many people continue to suffer from malignant diseases such as lung cancer, heart illness and mental disorders.

Pollution and Health

Recently, scientists have shown that majority causes of our diseases due to air pollution.
Polluting factors such as airborne particulate matter and ozone have been connected with magnification of human mortality and hospital admission of many people due to respiratory and cardiovascular disease. Therefore, scientists began allocate basic health diseases such as cancer, respiratory, irritation, nervous system problem and birth defects. Some scientists consider when pollutants spread in the atmosphere; they become a part of huge dynamic system. So they can react with each other and create new compound in the air.
As a result, scholars have determined six main pollutants of the atmosphere such as Ozone (O3), Nitrogen dioxide (NO2), Sulfur dioxide (SO2), Lead (Pb), Carbon monoxide (CO) and Particulate matter (PM). In contradistinction to other pollutants, ozone gives off indirectly into the atmosphere. Interaction of sunshine on nitrogen oxides and elusive biological composite discharges in the air creates ozone. These gases have so many origins such as gasoline fume and combustion products of diverse fuels. For example, petroleum can be a source. Scientific researches show that both asthmatic people with problems of respiratory system and healthy adults and children suffer from the ground–level of ozone....

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