The Influence Of Alcohol Advertising On Teenagers.

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1. IntroductionIn our assignment we will discuss what advertising is, how alcohol advertising is regulated in certain countries, and how it affects people and young underage drinkers. By the inclusion of case studies, we will look at health concerns of alcohol, the wayself-regulation advertising can be threatened by government and how companies react to it.Rules considering the advertising of alcohol will be briefly discussed. By the showing of graphs, we will illustrate how alcohol advertising has increased awareness among the younger youth.Alcohol advertising in sport will describe how certain sports have to obey to certain rules, and where certain alcoholic advertisements may not be displayed on sportsman and woman. The inclusion of appendices will point out how alcohol is being advertised in certain magazines and newspapers. The main objective is to show should alcohol advertising be banned, or not. By all our research and case studies we included in this assignment, we will show the findings and proof how alcohol advertising should be ruled and governed.2. What is advertising?Any paid form of non-personal controlled outward communication, through various media, pertaining to ideas, products, services and organizations by an identified sponsor directed at a specific target audience or market with the objectives of influencing, reminding, informing and persuading the target group to take a particular course of action.Thus through the definition of advertising alcohol advertising can be defined as the "promotion of alcoholic beverages by alcohol producers through a variety of media." (Wikipedia, 2008: Alcohol companies have attempted through advertising companies to increase alcohol consumption, brand and customer loyalty. Through advertising, the intended audience can be reached by target marketing, and a particular demographic group can be reached. Many advertisements are placed to reach a particular gender being, male, female or youth (over 18 and 21 in certain countries). Beer will mostly be advertised for the male drinking market, while fine wine and stylish drinks such as vodka would target the female drinking market. The industry for alcohol has faced hard criticism for targeting young people to drink, but studies has shown that there is not enough evidence to support this allegation, and in this assignment we will have studies and reports to show the evidence of what alcohol advertising has on their consumers.Advertising is big business in the western world, and spending has increased dramatically in recent years. Spending in the United States of America in 2006 reached $ 155 billion, while other companies such as accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers worldwide spending will reach a massive half-a-trillion dollars by 2010. Advertising makes consumers aware of products, and can be seen as to lead to economic growth and an increase of sales of company's products and services.3. Alcohol...

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