The Influence Of Alexander Graham Bell

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Alexander Graham Bell the son of Alexander Melville Bell, and Eliza Grace was born on march 3, 1847 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Alexander was born with two brothers Edward Charles Bell and Melville James Bell. Both Edward and Melville died from tuberculosis.
As a child Alexander was home schooled by his father. He enrolled at Royal High School. At age 15 he completed his courses and left RHS. After leaving the school he went to live with his grandfather in London. When Alexander was 16 he became a student teacher of music and elocution at Weston House Academy.
In 1874, Alexander's work on the harmonic telegraph productive state with the help of his rented laboratory in Boston, and his family's home in Canada. In 1875 Alexander visited Joseph Henry a well-known scientist and director of the Smithsonian Institution. Alexander went in hope that Henry would give him advice about transmitting voices by the telegraph. Alexander met a man named Thomas A. Watson, he was a mechanic and electrical designer. With the financial help from Thomas Sanders and Gardiner Hubbard, Alexander was able to hire Watson as his assistant. One day Watson on accident plucked a reed on the harmonic telegraphy, and Alexander was on the other side of the line. When the plucked reed was heard Alexander noticed the overtone needed to transfer speech. That showed Alexander that only one reed was needed instead of multiple reeds. This accident soon lead to the sound-powered Telephone, it coud transfer voice-like sounds but, but it would not transfer clear speech. The sound-powered telephone was used in many important ways. The U.S. Navy used this in the lookouts and the combat information center. It was also used by draw bridges, high-rise building, and ski lifts. Whenever power went out the sound-powered telephone allowed people to communicate with each other.
Alexander and his assistant Charles Tainter invented a wireless telephone called the photophone. The photophone allowed people to talk through a beam of light. on June 21, 1880 Tainter was on top of Franklin school and sent a message to Alexander 700 feet away. This was 19 years before the first radio transmission.
In 1881 Alexander was also given credit for making the metal detector. He made the metal detector to find the bullet inside of president James Garfield. In previous test the metal detector worked amazingly. But the bullet could not...

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