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The Influence Of Audrey Hepburn On The Fashion Industry Past And Present

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Regarding physical qualities, everybody has their own idiosyncrasies or quirks, things which make them peculiar and yet interesting. These features make us who we are and even if we consider them as flaws, they still make us beautiful somehow. The 1957 film, Funny Face, was actually a tribute to the late Audrey Hepburn’s rather unusual, quirky facial features—her large nose, thick eyebrows, slightly crooked teeth, being doe-eyed—which all summed up to her being the epitome of a truly beautiful woman that she was (De La Hoz 6). Audrey Kathleen Ruston Hepburn embodied both essential aspects of inner and outer beauty which does not equate to being flawless. Voted as the “Most Beautiful Woman of All Time” in 2006 by New Woman magazine, it is evident that women today still look up to her as a truly beautiful woman (Keogh 2). She was one of the greatest film stars of the 20th century—some of her notable films were Funny Face, Roman Holiday, Breakfast at Tiffany’s—and at present, she is still a timeless Hollywood star and fashion icon. Furthermore, she was a philanthropist for the UNICEF organization—her only motive being to serve a cause she believed in (Spoto, 201). This innate, natural beauty she possessed clearly translated into how she presented herself to the world through her sense of style (Ferrer, 155). How she dressed clearly embodied who she was, which many women all over the world still aspire to be and which designers continue to try recreating. Audrey Hepburn’s timeless, individual style continues to influence the fashion world today.
The 1950’s until the 70’s was the peak of Hepburn’s on-screen career. Of course, the fashion trends evolved during these three decades. Padded shoulders, corseted waist, flaunting of wide hips and full knee-length skirts were predominant in the 50’s. The greater the width of the shoulder lines of dresses with long full skirts (held by petticoats), the greater the illusion of a full bosom and a small waist. To accentuate the hips even more, slit side pockets were present (Payne, 256-257). Subsequently, the 1960’s brought the emergence of miniskirts, which was then a public shock for it was not considered tamed. Minis were pioneered by Mary Quant and made trendy by Andre Courreges (Murray, 112-113). Meanwhile, pants suits for women were popularized in the 70’s. They were first introduced as skinny and tailored, leaving little space for legs. Then they evolved into a flared leg style, with a wide opening at the bottom, or bell bottoms (Payne, 261). “Pants appeared in every form imaginable, from divided skirts and culottes to the classic, pleated-front tailored pant and the baggy ‘Fred Astaire’ version.” (Murray, 116)
In the 1950s, excessively feminine silhouettes were celebrated thus accentuating curves, full bosoms and narrow waists was a prevailing way for women to dress. Nevertheless, with her sphere of influence on women, Audrey Hepburn introduced an alternative to this limited standard of how...

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