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The Influence Of Charactes In Little Bee By Chris Cleave

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The influence of other people has many effects on a person's decisions and their actions. Chris Cleave examines the idea of outside impacts on a person in Little Bee. First, Lawrence in Chris Cleave's, Little Bee helps Sarah by giving her the idea of moving on and doing something positive to make up for her guilt and making Sarah choose between Lawrence and Little Bee puts Sarah in a tough position. Second, Andrews’s presence in Sarah’s mind helps her focus on the task of helping Little Bee and Andrews’s lack of connection influence’s Sarah. The role of a minor character is to influence the major character mentality in a positive and negative way thus impacting the major characters actions.

To begin with, Lawrence influences Sarah’s mentality in a positive way; by advising her to overcome the guilt, she has, allowing Sarah to help other people. Sarah constantly reminds herself about what happened on the beach,” Lawrence [insists] [that I move on]. [So] I set up a direct debit from my bank account to a couple of African charities” (Cleave 125). Lawrence feels that it is not healthy for her to keep dwelling in the past when she cannot do anything to alter the past. Lawrence urges that she do something positive to help the people of Nigeria, influencing Sarah to send African charities donations. Sarah takes Lawrence's advice and sets up a direct debit account, which gives money to various charities, set up in Africa. In addition, Lawrence tells Sarah that is harboring Little Bee is a wrong decision influencing her mentality negatively, making her confused between choosing Lawrence and Little Bee. Sarah does not want to disappoint Lawrence or Little Bee, making her decision a tough one; Lawrence asks Sarah to make Little Bee leave and Sarah responds, “but no, no I [cannot], we [are] joined by what happened on the beach” (Cleave 124). Lawrence asks Sarah to choose affected her negatively because it makes her feel obligated to stand by Lawrence, even though helping Little Bee will reduce her guilt. In conclusion, Lawrence’s positive advice and his putting Sarah in a...

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