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The Impact Of Climate Change Upon Australia

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Executive Summary
Illustrating the actual and potential impacts of climate change this paper seeks to dramatize the impacts climate change could have on Australia’s national security if action to cut carbon emissions is not taken.
This paper recognizes that climate change, which can be defined as the gradual increase in temperature caused by the increased production of carbon dioxide, presents a fundamental national security challenge.
This paper recognises that the Australian climate has increased significantly since 1910. Evidence is provided to suggest that Australia has a climate-sensitive economy, as the variations in climate and damage caused by extreme weather conditions produce significant social and economic costs. Climate related events such as droughts and rising sea-levels have had economic implications, such as the 2002-03 drought that is estimated to have reduced Australia’s agricultural output by 26%.
Investigations of academic literature reveal that national security implications induced by climate change include heightened internal and cross-border tensions caused by large-scale migrations; conflict sparked by resource scarcity and increases disease proliferation.
The research draws attention to scarce natural resources becoming increasingly attractive terrorist targets. Potentially any interference of Australian water supplies could cause serious injury, death and economic chaos. These potential acts of terrorism illustrate the need to take action against climate change, as does the increased threat of eco-terrorist who wage their own fight against carbon emission in support of environmental rights.
The report concludes that environmental problems which cause security concern are now well recognised in policy and literature. Scarcity of renewable resources, tensions arising from migration, natural disasters and consequential death and infrastructure destruction, agricultural and economic adversity resulting from drought and sea-level rises, disease due to the proliferation of infectious vectors, regional instability ensuing from failed states and the threat of terrorism, all have the potential to harm Australia’s national security if action is not taken, and Australia continues to emit large amounts of carbon.

The majority of scientific evidence suggests that over the last century humans have begun to have a discernible influence on the world's climate, causing it to warm. There is substantial evidence to indicate that significant global warming will occur during the 21st century. The purpose of this paper is to dramatize the impact climate change could have on Australian society if we are unprepared for it. In discussing the future of the planet, climate change, caused by increased abundances of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane, has been a serious cause of concern. Several studies have suggested that climate change can lead to mass-fatality disasters, international...

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