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The Impact Of Divorce On Children

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The Impact of Divorce on Children
Divorce is the dissolution of a marriage that affects numerous people around the world. Divorce can be a heartbreaking process that affects not just the couple but their children also. I am going to be comparing the impact of divorce on children in context to Bronfenbrenner’s ecological theory.
The individual in this context is the child that is affected by the divorce of their parents. Studies show that divorce can affect a child’s social skills (Kim, 2011). Research shows that gender is a factor and that girls tend to be more sensitive then boys about parental divorce (Brockmeyer, Crowell, Treboux, 2009). Another factor is the health of the child. Divorce has an affect on the children’s psychosocial health (Potter, 2010). When the individual’s psychosocial health is low they perform poorly in school (Potter, 2010). The more recent the divorce the more troubling it is on the child (Brown, Overland, Storksen, Thorsen, 2012).
(1) Temperament is the natural mood that someone is born with (Bristor, 2010; Cobb, 2014a) Thomas and Chess (two researchers) established nine qualities that show how people react to their environment (Bristor, 2010). They found these qualities even in babies that were only two months old (Bristor, 2010. Temperament does not change over time but as people grow up they can change how it is conveyed (Cobb, 2014a).
When you see a child that is smiling all the time and usually just happy, this would be an example of temperament. Even in babies you can notice temperament. One of the characteristics of temperament is intensity of reaction, which is how individuals handle stress (Bristor, 2010). There are three ways that a child could handle the stressful situation of their parents divorcing either adjusting, closing down, or bursting (Bristor, 2010). A child’s rhythmicity could also be affected by their parents divorce. Rhythmicity is if an individual likes set schedule or if they do not do things on a set schedule (Bristor, 2010). A child could not have a schedule and then their parents divorce and are forced to switch off from parents every other weekend on a schedule.
(2) Personality is a system of traits that decides individual qualities (Cobb, 2014a). The three main factors that influence personality are birth order, temperament, and personality type (book p 169, lecture in text). Personality develops by different experiences that the child goes through (Cobb, 2014a). Many different things affect an individual’s personality (Cobb, 2014a). There are different personality types that come from our personality preferences (Bristor, 2010).
A child’s personality could be affected by their parents divorce. One trait of personality is if the child is an extrovert or introvert. An extrovert likes to be with their friends and makes friends easily. An introvert is shy and quiet. Traumatic experiences like divorce could make a child’s self-esteem go down and cause them to be...

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