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The Influence Of Each Uprinsing In The 1600’s On Virgirina’s Ecomomic And Social Development

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In the 17th Century, Virginia experienced two grim rebellions that would have a significant impact on both the future economic and social developments of the area. The Indian uprisings that occurred in 1622 and the Bacon’s rebellion that occurred in 1675 both had meaningful similarities as well as differences impacting different set of people. Whether either of the uprisings had more of significance than the other, in all respects cannot be quite measured as each’s chain reaction benefited the colony.
In the early 1600’s English traders embarked in the Americas not only in search of a new trade route to the east, but used this land discovery as an opportunity to expand their European empire. They came to settle in the Americas to start up new beginnings, establish large plantations and spread their religion. This large influx of English migrants settling throughout the land, creating vastly new settlements raised concern amongst the Native Indians. The Native Indians felt that they immigrants overstayed their welcome and were an endangering their supply of food that was reaped from the land due to the English’ growing cultivation. The Native Indians conspired amongst themselves and secretly planned what is known today as the Good Friday massacre attack on the English. The Rebellion was led by the Indian chief’s Powhatan’s brother named Opechancanough, who led the Indians to the English civilisations on the 22 March 1622, to entertain and dine with the English before brutally revolting on them without any warning. In total approximately 3650 English colonist and an undisclosed number of Indians were killed. The Bacon’s rebellion on the other hand, has a similar trait circumstances, but unlike the Indian uprising in 1622 whereby the Indians attacked the English settlers, in the Bacon’s Rebellion, it was the freed indentured white servants who attached the Indians. The activities leading up to Bacon’s rebellion came from years of built up tension between the Indians and the Frees servants. Initially, when the Indentured servants were recruited from England to work on the plantations in the Americas, they were offered a contract with had the following terms: 1. Work contract of 5-7 years in the America’s, 2 that they would be free to start their own civilizations at the end of their contract and 3 that they’d be allowed to marry. Overtime there was an increasingly number of freed indentured servants who moved outside of the popular areas, to what was considered as the ‘backcountry’ which so happened to be habituated by the Native Indians. As the number freed Servants increased, this also lead to the necessity of occupying more land which went deeper and deeper into the back country. The further deeper into the backcountry the servants occupied, the more they were exposed to the more aggressive and warlike Native Indians, who weren’t so compassionate as the natives who lived near the coastlines. As discomfort grew between the Native Indians and...


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