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The Impact Of Email Integration In The Business Process

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The Impact of Email Integration in the Business Process 7Running head: EMAIL IN BUSINESSThe Impact of Email Integration in the Business ProcessRagheb O. BudeiriNational UniversityIRL260Marsh BassAugust 30th, 2014AbstractThe intended purpose of this research is to lay down foundations ground of possible further studies that addresses and assesses the impact ICT (Internet and Communication Technology) has had on the development of business process. This paper focuses on the integration of email as one of many communication tools currently made available by the fast developing ICT industry in the daily business operations.The Impact of Email Integration in the Business ProcessEmail has made a significant impact on today's business, substantially increasing its value over other forms of communications. Business managers have come to recognize email as one of the necessary tools that are worth investing in their organizations. As most people acknowledge, Email is a significant enhancement introduced as a result of the recent technology development, it has proved to be more convenient than all other legacy ones such as, face-to-face meetings, memos, letters, newspapers ads, telex machines, facsimiles and telephone systems. Emails allow for more immediate, timely, precise, accurate and clear communication methods, as well as its ability to cater for all types of rich-multimedia attachments to include within the same message. It is worth mentioning that Email has reduced the extensive use of paper, resulting in an effective participation in saving the resources of the planet. It is certainly an Eco-friendly participant in the system. Perry says, "the total mail volume - the letters, advertising and packages that form the core of Canada Post's business - has declined about 17 percent over the past five years, from 11.6 billion pieces in 1994-95 to 9.6 billion pieces in 1998-99." (1999, Nov. 20). Not to mention its time convenience and time savings it facilitates, which is an essential aspect for business managers requirement for decision making. Perry also indicated "users who register for a free mailbox on the EPO Website will be able to receive electronic bills, statements, government forms, advertising and catalogues over the Internet at a single Website." (1999. Nov 20). Combining all these features together, It becomes clearer about how email has changed business communications. Nowadays, businesses of almost all types and sizes depend heavily on the use of E-communication (which includes Email, Internet, groupware, web conferencing). The Electronic communication systems became primary tools used within the same office, city, province, country, and even across the globe.Figure 1. Connecting the whole world using a standard protocol that speaks one language. Data source: Retrieved from: the vast advancement of information and communication technology...

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