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The Influence Of Geography And Social Networks On Gang Violence

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Gang violence is becoming a known threat in our country. Gang violence is defined as a group of people by repetitive socializing individuals or close friends with recognizable influence and inner coordination. These gangs will claim full control over a region in a community, town, or specific area which will lead to the involvement of violent crimes and unlawful behavior as a group or even by oneself. Since these gangs are increasing in size in communities, citizens of certain areas are beginning to move out or avoid going to these locations in order to avoid becoming the next victim to one of the community gangs waiting to engage in their next deviant act. These specific areas are located in communities that are at a poverty level, toxic areas, or environments where immigration is at it's highest. Law enforcement officials figure that these sorts of patterns bring out the characteristics of gang violence. It is known that an individual who wants to become a gang member must commit a violent crime in order to test their level of seriousness and faithfulness to their fellow brothers or, as they are known, "bloods". With the crime being committed by an individual, the physical features of a true gang member start to appear. Members or "brothers" are often easily recognized by their walk, tattoos, clothes, and colors of their clothes. Gangs are usually noted as groups of individuals who wear baggy jeans, long shirts, and bandana's of certain color. Another way to identify a gang member is by certain markings or tattoos on an individuals body. “"The modern street gang serves as an example par excellence of how geography and social networks converge to influence behavior." (Papachristos 2013). “Par excellence” is explained as how to categorize a certain group and how to place them into categories among the other groups.
Geography and social networking of gang violence are becoming one of the main topics being focused on in America as well as Britain. Studies indicate that all gangs share certain similarities and characteristics in their deviant actions which are causing the crime rates to increase dramatically. The Influence of Geography and Social Networks on Gang Violence mentions that the form of harmony the gang members captivate make them become more frightening and robust. By the gang members associating together, the individuals are provided with additional security as well as a form of dependency to each other. The two cities that are analyzed and the focal point for this social networking survey are Boston and Chicago. Though the survey takes into consideration the poverty levels, size of the gang itself and the characteristics of the average member, the survey focuses on the shootings and homicides that could have possibly been traced back to violent street gangs. The survey “meets requirements beyond the full understanding of these gangs’ violent actions, but it is also a wider prospective on the geography and networking of the...

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