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The Impact Of Human Resources Management Globally

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In dynamic, global competitive markets, successful organizations are likely to be staffed with managers capable of adapting to constantly evolving roles, and with the capacity to achieve and sustain optimal levels of performance. The global market place has currently impacted the practice of human resources management in the United States and will continue in the next ten years.
Labor laws, wage disparities, intense competition and fluctuating currency values are the challenges that are making organizations worldwide to compete in marketplace with products requiring a great deal of labor, and it is now getting harder for some of these organizations to maintain employees abroad. As Mello (p. 610) mentioned that a greater percentage of United States workforces are moving their operations abroad to developing nations like China and leaving an increasing number of United States domestic workers without employment. The foreign markets for the products and services are not the only things enticing these organizations to enter these global marketplaces. There are other reasons these companies are joining the global market arenas. For example, the foreign labor markets, this has attracted interest in many organizations to expand globally (Gersten, 1991). The labor force growth rates in developing nations alone will continue expanding by approximately 700 million people by the year 2010, while the United States labor force will continue to grow by only 25 million. This shows that United States’ growth rate will drop and the opportunities for productivity growth rate will increase in developing countries.
The other factors which are driving to these labor force numbers are the current workforce in United States which is generally older people than in developing countries. Education levels are rising more rapidly in these developed countries which make the employers seek the flexible and adaptable, young newly educated workforce in these developing countries Crossley, M. & Vulliamy, G. (1997).
According to Mello’s (p. 610) statement, he emphasized that regardless of the reasons for organizations expansion in operations globally, human resources management is critical to the success of the global marketplace. Good human resources practices and strategies has been the key process of attracting, developing and maintaining a talented and energetic workforce to support organizational mission, objectives (Schemerthom, 2001). The trend requirement for developing new and advanced human resource management practices and strategies are increasing due to globalization. Human resources management practices are becoming very complicated nowadays and will continue changing due to the worldwide marketplace trend of business practices.
Human resources management in United States has faced and continues facing the impact of global marketplace. Focusing on the workforce labor, the human resources management has to...

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