The Impact Of Information Technology On Work Organisations

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The Impact Of Information Technology On Work Organisations

The impact of information technology will have significant effects on
the structure, management and functioning of most organisations. It
demands new patterns of work organisation and effects individual jobs,
the formation and structure of groups, the nature of supervision and
managerial roles. Information technology results in changes to lines
of command and authority, and influences the need for reconstructing
the organisation and attention to job design. Computer based
information and decision support systems influence choices in design
of production or service activities, hierachal structures and
organisations of support staffs. Information technology may influence
the centralisation/ decentralisation of decision making and control
systems. New technology has typical resulted in a flatter
organisational pyramid with fewer levels of management required. In
the case of new office technology it allows the potential for staff at
clerical/operator level to carry out a wider range of functions and to
check their own work. The result is a change in the traditional
supervisory function and a demand for fewer supervisors. One example,
secretaries with the impact of I technology are moving increasingly
into territory previously occupied by managers and administrations,
and achieving new levels of responsibility The importance of effective
management of technical change has been highlighted by recent and
continuing developments in IT. Although the term IT originated in the
computer industry, it extends beyond computing to include
telecommunications and office equipment. Advances in technical
knowledge, the search for improved economic efficiency and GOV support
for It have all prompted a growing movement towards more automated
procedures of work. The impact of It demands new patterns of work
organisations, especially in relation to achieve procedures, one
example is the shift in the traditional role of the secretary more
towards that of the manager and administrator. IT effects the nature
of individual jobs and the formation and structure of work groups.
There is a movement away from large scale, centralised organisation to
smaller working units. Processes of communication are increasingly
limited to computer systems with the rapid transmission of information
and immediate access to their national or international offices.
Improvements in telecommunications mean for example that support staff
need no longer be located within the main production unit. Changes
wrought by IT means that individuals may work more on their own, from
their personal work stations or even from their own homes, or work
more with machines than with other people. One person may be capable
of carrying out a wider range of activities. There are changes in the

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