The Influence Of Joan Of Arc In French History

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Joan of Arc was a young and pious girl from a rural backround who followed her revelations from the angels to the royal court, into the battlefield and onto the stake. Catching the kingdom of France during its fall from grace and restoring the nation to its pedestal as one of Europe's foremost powers. She reversed of the momentum of the Hundred Years' War in a period when, as famed commander Lord Jean de Dunois later attested, a small force of English soldiers could easily defeat French troops four to five times their size, and brought the war to a point a French force of "four or five hundred soldiers and men at arms" (Pernoud 112) would be sufficient to drive off large division of the English army (Pernoud 112). Joan, although she did not fight, had direct impact on the combat because of her courageous close proximity to each battlefield skirmish, and her input to her group's strategy (Joan of Arc (Biography, section 6)). Her extreme devotion to the Roman Catholic religion, along with her embodiment of the popular French legend figure, the Maid of Lorraine, who was prophesised to be a virgin from Joan's area that would become the savior of France, as Joan herself recognized at Vaucoulers while vying for passage to the royal court (Joan of Arc (Biography, section 3)), and King Charles VII, who was crowned only after Joan cleared the way for his anointment, all became articles which Frenchmen would rally around for the remainder of the Hundred Years' War. Joan of Arc impacted world history tremendously by bringing victories to the French Royal Army after decades of English dominance and inspiring the people of France to rally around her and newly anointed and crowned King Charles VII, and ultimately turning the tides of the Hundred Years' War into the favor of France.
France was already in a dire situation when Joan of Arc was born to Jacques D'Arc and Isabelle Romée in January 1412, during the reign of Charles VI in France and the near the end of the peaceful period brought by the Truce of Leulinghen between France and the English-Burgundian alliance, into the farming village of Domremy, near the border between area controlled by France and the area taken by England and Burgundy. Joan's voices, from the angels Michael, Catherine and Margaret, told her to travel to the royal court to raise the siege of Orléans and crown Charles de Ponthieu as the rightful king of France, and she traveled through Vaucouleurs before arriving at Chinon. France was invaded by Henry V through Normandy in August 1412, and then routed by the English at the infamous battle of Agincourt, where the French troops greatly outnumbered their English opponents, yet the French sustained losses amounting to "about a fourth of their [entire] army...which decimated a generation of French aristrocrats" (Joan of Arc (Biography, section 1)). This defeat was a greatly devastating blow, after the English had dominated the French forces for nearly all periods of war since the...

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