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The Influence Of Leonardo Da Vinci On The Modern World

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What happens when you put a writer, botanist, cartographer, geologist, anatomist, inventor, engineer, mathematician, scientist, musician, architect, sculptor and a painter into one person? You get Leonardo Da Vinci. Leonardo made a huge impact on today’s society due to his inventions, anatomical achievements and his one-of-a-kind paintings. There are very little men in history that have influenced today’s world the same way as Leonardo Da Vinci did. Leonardo Da Vinci was one of the most inspirational people of his time period, his involvement to the technological world are phenomenal. Without him, the world wouldn’t be anything like it is today.
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Leonardo drew hundreds of sketches of inventions in his notebook which was attached to his belt everywhere he went. Who designed the first car? Not Daimler or Benz, and not even Nicolas Cugnot. The first car ever was a self-propelled car created by Leonardo himself, and consisted of 3 wheels, and was powered by a spring. It “had no seats, no steering wheel or speedometer” (Difred 15). The first parachute was also designed Da Vinci, and was made of a lightweight wooden frame in the shape of a pyramid, wrapped in sealed linen. Today’s parachutes have evolved into a more streamlined version, but many tests have proved that Leonardo’s design also worked as effectively. The modern day helicopter was based on Leonardo’s early sketches of the “Flying screw”. It was made of a large, linen screw that was man-operated and propelled a small platform. Another flying contraption Da Vinci designed was a large plane-looking vehicle that allowed one to take flight. Thanks to it’s pedal-powered flapping wings and aerodynamic design. Today’s drawbridges that allow ships to pass through a narrow canal was first designed by Da Vinci, and was a revolving bridge that swung to the side instead of splitting into two and rising vertically. Surprisingly, the wheel and gear mechanism was sketched by Da Vinci, and is used in almost all the everyday items we use today. Thanks to Da Vinci’s extremely detailed and labeled sketches, almost all of the inventions that exist today was influenced and based entirely on his drawings. In addition, the first robot was created by Leonardo. It consisted of a wind-up contraption with a drum attached to it. The modern day armored vehicle or tank was influenced by Da Vinci’s design called the “War Machine”. The machine was a cone-shaped, thick-walled, wooden car that could move in any direction and was equipped with all sorts of war weapons. The tank could also fit up to 10 soldiers and was intimidating to the opposing army. Speaking of war, Da Vinci also created the first designs of a gun. The gun was a 30 barrel organ that was stacked into 3 rows of 11. On the side of the gun was a revolving wheel that contained the gunpowder and small-caliber rounds. Using his architectural skills, Leonardo sketched a large, detailed drawing of the “perfect city”. His design included many canals and a functioning sewage system. Finally, During his visit to Venice, Leonardo sketched a design for a leather diving suit used to attack enemy ships underwater. The diving suit had a large face mask attached to a pipe that supplied air to the user using a cork diving bell. Unfortunately, his inventions could not be a reality due to the lack of technology during his time. Also, Da Vinci couldn’t convince any of his wealthy patrons...

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