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The Influence Of Mass Media Advertising On Consumer Behavior

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The advertising industry is a multi-billion dollar industry in the United States. Companies compete against each other and allocate big budget to improve and promote advertisements solely to persuade consumer’s preferences toward their brand or product. Advertisers construct a sense of synonymy to brands and products while influencing consumer’s settled way of thinking or feeling about the brand or product, typically one that is reflected in a person’s behavior. The purpose of advertising itself is to persuade audience (viewers, readers, or listeners) to take some action with respect to products, ideas, or services (Curtis, 2012). The success of advertisements can be determined by the consumer’s final decision to consume the said products or service, in oppose to the competitors. In correlation, consumer behavior indicates the act of acquiring, using and disposing of products, services, ideas, or experiences whilst includes the search for information and actual purchase. It also refers to the understanding of consumer thoughts, feelings, and actions (Harich).
Advertising through the use of mass media is a common practice, due to its ability and practicality to reach numerous potential consumers at once. The importance of impressing the public and the necessity to plan an elaborate promotion make this advertising quite costly. The outlets of mass media include, but not limited to billboards, Internet, magazine, television, and radio. Mass media advertising generally dwells on multiple outlets and tends to be consistent when it comes to visually branding their image. This serves the purpose of generating consumer’s association with specific value and concepts with the company’s products.
In order for the advertisement to be effective and receptive, advertisers use several persuasion strategies to entice consumer. Tracy Tuten mentioned that based on the psychological influence, research has identified six major factors that help determine consumer to decide:

Social Proof
Consumer decide by observing what those around them do in similar situations. When consumer see one option is being selected by the public, they interpret the popular option as the right one. Society has a set of standard and expectations regarding how they should act and look and this leads to conformity, a change in beliefs or actions as a reaction to real or imagined group pressure. Consumer also relies heavily on testimonials as a source of social proof that the product is the right on to choose.

A figure of authority influences the consumer with the ‘expert’ opinion or recommendation. Expertise means the figure has a personal experience and/or specific knowledge with the product or problem.
Basically, one person’s personal experience with the product could be viewed as the source of authority.

Consumer tend to abide to those people whom they find attractive or otherwise desirable.
If consumer seems to show affection toward someone in particular, they...

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