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The Influence Of Media Essay

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Although the accepted standard is that everyone is easily influenced by media and the technical devices they use , others believe media can only have an influence on the ones who are susceptible to what they hear and see. In today’s society people are bombarded with many influences , for instance some of these influences are their parents , tv , and etc but to some the most prominent is Media and the technical devices the media use to shape perspective.Others believe media has no substantial amount of influence on anyone , it only has influence on the ones who are susceptible to influence.

Many believe that media has the most heavy impact on adolescents.Both children and adults have been reported to believe the media is a central source of information on sex and sexuality for young people (Malamuth & Impett, 2001) but other explanations say media only can influence the ones with differing characteristics of adolescents and also other factors as the perceived reality of the content viewed.

The parents of these adolescents seem to be concerned about the effects of media on their adolescents because there are claims of influence of being throughout all media exposures such as tv , radio , advertisements , music , newspapers and magazines but all depending on their

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development rate , some may succumb to media influences , while other adolescents may not.

Media is in all aspects of our lives as in work , school , and all public facilities and often creates a negative atmosphere for anyone at any public facility. "My office, they try to protect me from bad news when people don't like something [I did]," she said. "But I come across it because all my friends send it to me and I find out." (Hadid). She is claiming even though her and the people try to shield themselves from negative things in media but it still gets to people some way some how.

Culture is defined by the set of cultural attributes such as language arts , technical standards , and social norms are often subject to social influence like changing just fit in with what is cool or hot at the moment.The culture of an individual is given by their set of traits although traits have the capability of changing due to the interactions with their acquaintances. For these interactions to occur the social interactions take place between individuals who share some of the same cultural attributes . Also individuals who have cultural similarities between the individuals involved.

During adolescents this is when they are bombarded with constant exposure of different modes from the media and the experiences adolescents go through as the develop and mature may also impact how media is selected and how influential it will be to them so they are often influenced to do things that allow them to gain independence from their parents.


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