The Influence Of Movie Genre On Audience Reaction To Product Placement

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The Influence of Movie Genre on Audience Reaction to Product Placement: The use of brand placements is quite evident in movies today. The success of some brands reporting a phenomenal sales increase may be partly dependent on the type of movie in which the brand is placed. Employing 200 university students, this paper examined the effects of movie genre on brand placement. Students completed a questionnaire after watching and evaluating one 30-minute movie clip categorized by genre—comedy, drama, and science fiction. The study compared the effects of genre on brand recall, brand liking, and consumer's reactions toward brand placement. Central to the practice of using brand placement in movies is the belief that the humor found in a comedy movie would help create a favorable response toward brand placement. It did not. The comedy genre did not outrank the other genres on brand recall/recognition, brand liking, and attitude toward brand placement. However, this research did confirm the findings of previous research that prominent brand placements promote a significantly higher level of brand awareness than subtle brand placements.

Does branded product placement in film enhance realism and product recognition by consumers? (DLR van der Waldt, May 2007) : Product placement in films receives renewed focus in integrated marketing communication (IMC). One of the main concerns with regard to product placement as a marketing communication tool is that marketers have little knowledge if consumers are aware of product placements or recognise products that are deliberately placed in feature films by markerters and advertisers. The following specific research objectives are put forward in this paper to determine; if product placements in films increase realism of the film and respondents’ recognition of brand name products placed in a film. These objectives are tested by questionnaire, distributed to 220 undergraduate respondents in the age bracket of 18 to 24 years. Respondents were exposed to film stimuli containing product placements and thereafter were required to complete the questionnaire at a university in Pretoria. A conclusion drawn from the findings was that product placements in films do have an effect on the realism of the film. Branded products placed in films are thought to inject a sense of realism into the film. It was further concluded that product placements in films prompted brand recognition among respondents. The main findings and conclusions of this research maintain that the prominence of a product placement in a film affects the consumers’ ability to recognize the placed product. The more prominent a placement is in a film, the greater the likelihood that consumers will recognize it. It is recommended that marketing and advertising managers should strategically place their products prominently in films and television programmes in order to guarantee the desired impact thereof.

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