The Influence Of My Family Essay

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A lot of different things can impact a person’s life in such a way that it is unforgettable. For example, it could be the time you took a hike up a towering mountain and ended up getting peaceful view of the urban cityscape, or even the time you went to your first dreadful sleepover and were trembling with fear. It could even be person or multiple people such as friends, siblings, teachers, and even mentors. Personally, my family has been the people that have ultimately had the most influence on me as an individual. Family can vary from person to person, but for me it is the absolute most important thing I have. The people that have had a profound impact on me is my family; the way that different personalities all come together as one, the way they handle hard situations, and the closeness I have with the, is very inspiring to me.
One thing that has really taught me a lot in my life is the opportunity to see how my family is able to function properly, a majority of the time, with the completely different personalities that inhabit it. The two people that are unlike each other the most would be my parents. My mother is very reserved; however she can still be strict. Regardless, she always this loving look in her eyes. My father on the other hand is quite the jokester. He cracks jokes about everything, but he can be a very serious person when it comes time for it. My dad is easier to get things out of, such as money and permission. It is amazing to see how 2 different personalities can have such a strong relationship, almost 18 years! The other people in my family that have impacted me more than I ever would have wanted them to would be my siblings. My little sister is the closest in age to me, she being 14 whereas I’m 16. My sister, Chayanne, is a very complex individual. She is very intellectual but opinionated. She lets you know when things are not the way she likes them to be. Her stubbornness is definitely what sets her apart from anyone else. However, I am more like my mother in a more reserved way; I tend to go with the flow more often than not. But it’s been great to see how we are able to maintain a good relationship, despite everything. Then there are 3 little ones that really have the greatest relationship with one another. Nathaniel who is 9, Isabella who is 8, and Elijah who is 5 really defy all odds when it comes to their relationship considering their personalities. Nathaniel is the type of person that when he finds something he likes, he sticks to that and only that. He is in love with the military and that’s all he ever thinks and talks about. Isabella is a lot like my dad in the comical way, she likes to make funny situations out of serious ones. She is very clingy and needy versus who 2 brothers who like to mind their own. The last one is the baby of the family, Elijah. He is smart beyond compare, even at such a young age. He is definitely like his older sister Chayanne when it comes to stubbornness. However, he can also be...

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