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The Impact Of Online Reviews On Hotel Bookings

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INTRODUCTION is a travel website providing directory information and reviews of travel related content. Online reviews now shape the way travellers and international tourists choose hotel accommodation and plan for holiday destinations. Many consumers consult online trip advisor reviews before making travel and accommodation choices in hotels. However, Racherla, Cornolly & Christodoulidou, (2013: 135) argued that, existing academic understanding of these popular information sources in the tourism and hospitality domain is relatively weak. Likewise, Vermeulen & Seegers, (2009:123) acknowledged that, many consumers consult online reviews before making travel arrangements, yet, little is known about the impact of these reviews on consumer decision making. Hence, there is no contradiction that reviews are a powerful and significant part of the travel planning experience. Therefore, this research aims to explore the effects of hotel trip advisor reviews on international tourist booking intentions and perception of trust of 5 star luxurious hotels of Cape Town South Africa
The researcher will be targeting international tourist and she will be focusing on following 5 star luxurious hotels of the city of Cape Town. Namely, Table Bay, Cape Grace, One & Only and Taj hotels. Trip advisor consumer generated reviews impact both positively and negatively on global tourist booking intentions in hotels in Cape Town. Ye, Law & Gu, (2009:181) put forward that, online user reviews have an important impact on hotel bookings.
Trip Advisor has been studied from various perspectives including examining whether Trip Advisor reviews are reliable or not. Yet no research has been conducted to examine the impacts of the trip advisor reviews on international tourist’s choices of holiday accommodation in 5star luxurious hotels of Cape Town. Basing on the research that was conducting by Tuominen, (2011: 3) it was clear that each year hundreds of millions of potential hotel visitors consult review sites. It was concluded that of these visitors, 88% have their hotel choices affected by what they see. Thus this research focuses on a relevant issue that has not been widely explored. Moreover, with the growing importance of travel and user-generated contents, the importance of this study is to explore how hotels information is displayed on trip advisor platform and how the users that generate content are influencing international tourist booking intentions and perception of tourist luxurious hotels in Cape Town.
1. Are trip advisor reviews reliable?
Trip advisor reviews can be significantly reliable and sometimes biased. The logo of trip advisor is “Get the truth and then go there.” From their logo, one can argue that trip advisor reviews are seemed to be reliable and useful for travellers in the tourism and hotel industry. However another line of argument proposes that, since anyone can post a review, there might be some false or biased information on trip...

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