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The Impact Of Parental Conflict On Children

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“It’s hard to hear the yelling and unkind words. Seeing parents upset make me worried and I don’t understand what to do except crying.”
These are the words of a young helpless boy, living with discorded parents. This is just one scenario but today there are several such children who are the victims of parental conflict. The most frequently asked question that does parental conflict affect children can be explicitly answered by the words of this child. Moreover, it has been noted that presence of conflict among parents not only causes harm to their relationship but on the other hand can impose debilitating impact on Children’s lives. Dotinga (2006) being supporter of this view stated that, “Even moderate amounts of parental conflict can wreak havoc on the lives of children”.
Such is the case of this child who was brought to our facility to seek emergency care. He was accompanied by his neighbor. On arrival, he was constantly crying and taking shallow breaths. When his pulse was checked, it was rapid. I could feel the thrill keeping my fingers away from his wrist. Initially, the child was managed and supported. He seemed upset and was not interacting with anyone around him. Investigations were sent to rule out the underlying cause. However, the results were normal. When asked about the parents, it was found that none of the parents were aware of child’s child's conditions. Later the neighbor informed his father about child’s hospitalization. As soon as his father arrived, child closed his eyes tightly as he does not want to see his father. Within seconds, cardiac monitor alarmed due to increase heart beats and child's condition deteriorated again. Father was then taken to counseling room, during a conversation when he was asked about child’s mother. He stated that she is no more in this world. At that time, we felt sorry and assumed that child’s condition might be because of his mother’s death. His father left the child and went away. Few hours later, a lady with her covered face entered the room to visit the child. As soon as she meets him, she hugged him and child seemed comfortable with her. When asked about the relationship, she declared herself to be the mother. By hearing this, I was mute for few seconds. I was recalling the words of child’s father, that “she is no more in this world” I asked her to move out of room for few minutes and then the child was asked about his relationship with that lady. I got the same response. Afterwards her mother verbalized that her child was very brilliant. He was good at his studies and sports but there was a conflict among parents. Due to which they were unable to pay attention to their child. So, by this it was identified that there was no other reason behind child’s condition other than parental conflict. Based on child’s clinical manifestations, psychiatric consult was generated and child was diagnosed with depression.
At the end of the day, there was a question disturbing me that why children...

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