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The Influence Of Paternalistic Leadership On Work Related Employee Attitudes: Job Satisfaction And Organizational Commitment

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THE INFLUENCE OF PATERNALISTIC LEADERSHIP ON WORK RELATED EMPLOYEE ATTITUDES:JOB SATISFACTION AND ORGANIZATIONAL COMMITMENTTABLE OF CONTENTSVLIST OF SYMBOLS VILIST OF ABBREVIATIONS VIILIST OF FIGURES VIIILIST OF TABLES IXACKNOWLEDGMENTS XABSTRACT XIÖZET 11.INTRODUCTION 42. LEADERSHIP 42.1. Definition of Leadership 82.2. Theories of Leadership 82.2.1. Trait Theories 102.2.2. Behavioral Theories 122.2.3. Situational Leadership Theories 132.2.4. Leader-member exchange (LMX) theory. 142.2.5. Path-Goal Theory 162.3. Contemporary Theories 162.3.1. Transformational Theories 172.3.2. Transactional Leadership Theories 223. PATERNALISTIC LEADERSHIP 243.1. Dimensions of Paternalistic Leadership 294. LEADERSHIP AND WORK OUTCOMES: JOB SATISFACTION, ORGANIZATIONAL COMMITMENT 294.1. Organizational Commitment 354.2. Job Satisfaction 374.3 The relationship between Organizational Commitment and Job Satisfaction 385. METHODOLOGY 395.1. Sample 395.2. Procedure 405.3. Measures 405.3.1. Measurement of Paternalistic Leadership 405.3.2. Measurement of Organizational Commitment 415.3.3. Measurement of Job Satisfaction 415.4. Analysis 45Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin Value : ,901 df : 276 47Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin Value : ,872 df : 105 49Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin Value : ,835 df : 171 535.5. Results 546. CONCLUSION AND DISCUSSION 55REFERENCES 68APPENDICES 68APPENDIX A 68QUESTIONNAIRE INFORMATION FORM 69APPENDIX B 69PATERNALISTIC LEADERSHIP QUESTIONNAIRE by Cheng, Chou, and Farh (2004) 71APPENDIX C 71ORGANIZATIONAL COMMITMENT QUESTIONNAIRE by Meyer, Allen, & Smıth (1991) 73APPENDIX D 73JOB SATISFACTION MINNESOTTA SATISFACTION QUESTIONNAIRE (MSQ) by Weıss, Dawıs, England & Lofquıst (1967) 75APPENDIX E 75DEMOGRAPHIC QUESTIONS (Subordınates) 76CURRICULUM VITAE OF THE AUTHOR LIST OF SYMBOLSLIST OF ABBREVIATIONSLIST OF FIGURES38Figure 1: Research Framework LIST OF TABLES6Table 1: Leader vs Manager 7Table 2: Leader vs Manager (Continued) 42Table 3: Descriptive Statistics of the Sample 43Table 4: Means, Standart Deviations and Reliability Coefficients of Scales and Subscales 44Table 5: Results of the Factor Analysis of Paternalistic Leadership Scale 46Table 6: Results of the Factor Analysis of Organizational Commitment Scale 48Table 7: Results of the Factor Analysis of Job Satisfaction Scale 50Table 8: Results of the Multiple Regression Analysis 50Table 9: Results of the Multiple Regression Analysis 51Table 10: Independent Sample T - test for Educational Level Male and Female Employees 51Table 11: Independent Sample T - test for Total Experience Male and Female Employees 51Table 12: Independent Sample T - test for Tenure Male and Female Employees 51Table 13: Independent Sample T - test for Educational Level Male and Female Managers 52Table 14: Independent Sample T - test for Total Experience Male and Female Managers 52Table 15: Independent Sample T - test for Tenure Male and Female Managers ABSTRACTDifferent types of leadership styles in literature and many of those...

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