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The Influence Of Personality Traits On The Processing Of Visual And Verbal Information

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Visual and verbal thinkers; a visual thinker is someone who uses pictures to think, and verbal thinkers think in words. If you were to look up the definition of visual thinking, the first thing that would pop up as an answer is; refers to a group of generative skills that, when practiced with rigorous discipline, results in the production of novel and original ideas. By seeking to discover visual forms that fit his/her underlying human experience, the student of visual thinking comes to know the world. Those last two sentences were pretty confusing, so in order to help understand it more I kept looking for something easier; to receive more of a view on visual thinking . It was already clear that a visual thinker thinks in pictures, but needing something more descriptive, I continued to find articles and the quotes within them. What I found is interpreted thought out this essay.

Visual and verbal thinkers use different ways of remembering things; they are different in their own mind. Visual and verbal thinkers are different in several ways; the way they process information, the way that they can respond differently to different types of action and the way they think can also vary among the hemisphere of the brain you work toward. “While the basic steps that are used to process information are consistent, the skills, goals, prior knowledge, and strategies used in information processing can vary greatly among individuals. (Sojka and Giese)” What better helps me understand these quotes from the article “The influence of Personality Traits on the Processing of Visual and Verbal Information,” is how it is further explained throughout the rest of the article how the people wrote it, tested the different visual and verbal thinkers and figures out based on their preference for visual and that they both respond differently; which makes sense. Yet, it says throughout the article, several different times different ways, “that different processing strategies are not evoked on the basis of ability but are evoked on the basis of individual preference.” explaining, even though they still try to think in their own way they are still taught to think how everyone else expects them to. “Individuals would respond differently to the visual and verbal components in the ad based on their preference for visual or verbal information. (Sojka and Giese)” In this article, going along with the first title I quoted, it helped me better to understand what they were trying to prove to a further extent; that being taught a certain way to think the same, isn’t what our society needs or wants. Concluding with my claim, visual and verbal thinkers are different in how they learn and contain information and how they are taught to think like everyone else in the world even though none of us really do think the same.

Visual and verbal thinkers think and contain information differently. “Hence, exposure to the same advertisement results in different levels of attention and...

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