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The Influence Of Ray Kroc To Mc Donald’s

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“I’m Lovin’ It!”
“Ba da ba ba baa… I’m lovin’ it!” is an ingenious appealing slogan that would be ringing in somebody’s head over and over when watching a television. Most of us would guess right away that it is from McDonald’s, a multi-national corporation and world’s largest hamburger food chain that was founded in 1955. The big giant is a joint collaboration of Ray Kroc and the McDonald’s brothers. Ray Kroc brought in his unique philosophy of “in business for yourself, but not by yourself” focuses on working with franchisees and suppliers rather than for McDonald (The Ray Kroc Story). He introduced the idea to the McDonald brothers, who own a small and successful restaurant in San Bernardino, California. Ray Kroc is a strategic manager in the corporation to expand worldwide.
The influence of Ray Kroc to McDonald’s brother to pursue a goal to be well known in the world has paid off. Nowadays, the company is serving for more than 70 million customers and helping 1.8 million employees worldwide (Company Profile). They have surpassed a lot of challenges and changes through the years but the influence of the founder, Ray Kroc, is still visible and felt. Don Thompson, president and chief executive officer, reinforces the global strategy “plan to win” in giving priority on its customer service. Thompson’s drive for global strategic innovation and collaborative style pushes to optimize its menu, modernize customer satisfaction, and expand worldwide. Among the collaborative structure of the company is the establishment of Hamburger University in Illinois to train franchisees and employees about how to run the business. It proves that they value and devote their time and effort for their future leaders to adopt its organizational culture and innovative products. In support for globalization and innovation, they also have recognized the use of the five pillars plan consist of people, products, place, price and promotion. This is to support their mission to be “customer’s favorite place and way to eat and drink” and become competitive among their competitors.
McDonald’s exceptional leadership lies on its centralized authority (Kinicki and William 243). All decisions are coming from higher level management. This for-profit organization runs in hierarchy of decision making process with consistency in their procedures. An example of its uniformity in structure is the taste of its hamburgers to all of its restaurants around the world would be the same using statistical process control technique (Kinicki and William 538). The hierarchy that McDonald’s utilize is a structured culture that focuses internally and valuing stability and effectiveness. It gives emphasis on its franchisees as illustrated in the “three-legged stool” which consists of franchisees, suppliers and employees (Mission and Values). It supports its strong commitment to enhance its service and be the leading food chain corporation in the world.
The corporate culture that connects the values...

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