The Influence Of Religion In "Bend It Like Beckham".

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"Bend it like Beckham" is an inspiring and meaningful movie for many different reasons. It highlights many important events that can be witnessed in real life situations today. One of the most crucial events that it focuses on is the confrontation between two completely different religions. The movie is about a Sikh girl named Jess on her mission to fulfill one of her secretive and deepest passions, and that is to play soccer. Unfortunately her passion leads her to many tribulations and impediments. The major tribulation is defying her religious faith of already being arranged a marriage with somebody, Jess (protagonist) does not want to be forced to marry somebody, she wants to marry a person of her own desire. Jess wants to marry somebody of a different religion and this leads to major conflict between the family.Synopsis"Bend it like Beckham" is a coming-of-age tale about an 18 year old Sikh female named Jessminder "Jess" Bhamra. Jess is a Sikh female living in the Western suburbs of London, England. London is predominantly known for its immense love for the spectacular sport of soccer. Her first generation Punjabi immigrant parents encourage to obtain a proper education and attempt to be inducted into a proper university and than become a solicitor. Her family also expected her to participate without denial into an arranged marriage in the near future, with a man she barely even knew. Jess decides to go against most of the family traditions. She decides to begin playing soccer which was one of her deepest and secretive passions. While playing in the park, a girl named Jules is surprised and delighted with Jess' talent and offers Jess an opportunity to finally begin her long awaited soccer career. Jess obviously accepts the delightful offer even though she knows her family would be disgusted with her decision and would definitely disapprove. Jess' decisions leads to many cultural clashes and intense family conflicts, ranging from the comical perspective to the serious mood. Jess' undeniable passion for the game leads her to rebel against her religion and her family, Jess and her friends try to negotiate their way between the expectation of two cultures and their own dreams and desires. The consistent confrontations with the other culture eventually lead Jess to developing a special bond with her coach, who obviously is from a different culture.Religious AspectsDuring Bend it like Beckham the portrait that is given to the viewer is a portrait of stereotypical situations towards the Punjabi environment. People who are not of Indian descent or do not follow the religion on a consistent basis would look at the Sikh religion in a more unusual manner than any other religion. When we ponder about Sikh individuals or Indian people, the first thing that would obviously come to mind is strict...

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