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The Influence Of Religion In Society

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Clap Your Hands if You Believe
Every Sunday in churches across America, kids hear this story of a special man in the Bible- Jesus. They hear the famous story of this miracle man who healed people and rose from the dead. Sounds like an important person, right? Well, besides the miraculous stories taught in Sunday school and his impact on today’s religion, Jesus actually had and still has a major influence on today’s society too. Jesus was an influential person because of his impacts on religion, culture, and history by his religious preachings and followers.
Jesus was very influential in religion. When asked about who Jesus was, most Americans start on the same topic- the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. This miraculous tale of the Son of God is told everywhere, but the origin of the religion it represents had a very different start. Jesus is regarded as the founder of Christianity. But why? Jesus was crucified, yes, but for what? This will be discussed later in this research paper, but according to the official King James Holy Bible (The King James Version Holy Bible, John 2-13 – Mathew 27-56); Jesus in fact was arrested for treason after trashing the stalls of merchandise in a temple, because he thought it was corrupting. Crucifixion was a common punishment in those days for treason, but the exact
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reason of his crucifixion biblically is because he had run and his from authorities until Judas turned him in to a Roman soldier on bribery. And thus he was crucified, religiously to purify the sins of all people and allow all into Heaven, but it is also in connection to the religious Resurrection that this story is told. From here Christianity was started. If not for Jesus though, the religious shoot of Christianity from Judaism would have never happened, since he kicked off the religion by his teachings.
Jesus was also influential in history too. Historically, we know that there was a man named Jesus. He was born in 6 BCE in Bethlehem and for several years he went and preached (A&E Networks). He died in 33 AD in Jerusalem and was an influential person religiously (A&E Networks). Jesus also had political partakes in his day. According to
“In around 33 AD, Jesus traveled to the city of Jerusalem for the Jewish ceremony of Passover. There were thousands of pilgrims from around the world and the temple provided services for them to change their foreign money or buy animals to sacrifice.
***See me about this***Jesus was furious. He believed that trade like this corrupted the holy site. According to the Gospel of St John, he wrecked the stalls of the moneylenders and drove them all out of the temple.
This outburst enraged religious leaders and threatened to destroy the fragile peace imposed by Rome. Jesus was arrested on a charge of treason and was crucified, a common form of execution for condemned criminals.” (White, L. Michael)
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After this, the enraged Christians made the currently unstable Judea even more...

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