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The Influence Of Rock And Roll

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Have you ever wondered how rock and roll impacted the American society? Rock and roll originated in Africa by the way they used only vocals. Rock and roll used to be called the Tin Pan Alley because they said that it sounded like they were banging on pans. During the big band era, the singers began to rise to fame because they were going solo with their singing. Then, when the electric guitar emerged, rock and roll became more popular and well known. When the radio and the TV had become accessible to every household, rock started to emerge more because kids and teens could watch their favorite band perform on the most well-known show called American Bandstand. The parents didn't like the ...view middle of the document...

At one concert for a well-known band, there was a murder that happened during the concert because of how violent it got. This was a good thing, but also a bad thing because it showed that rock concerts needed to be more controlled, but it was bad for the rock industry. Rock started to decline because some rockers were getting locked up for committing violent crimes. When the rockers got locked up it taught the kids that getting arrested is not a good thing and they shouldn't follow the rockers way of life. When Heavy Metal emerged, there was more violence and crime. Then, the parents would cut the kids off from rock music and the teens would behave more just so they can listen to their favorite music. There were many bands that influenced bad behavior. Teen magazines encouraged young teens to listen to the new kind of dark music produced by bands like Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. The magazines and radio encouraged teens to become more violent and commit more crimes and listen to music that their parents wouldn't approve of. Even though i listed all of these negative things, there were many positive things to look at when all of the dark music and, the magazines tried to get kids to listen to this type of music. The kids would look at these magazines and see what rock has become, so teens would stop listening and not try to act like the people they see in the magazines.
Modern day rock has changed significantly compared to the music back then. Today’s rock has had a chance to evolve into a more calm and less violent style of music; because of rocks past mistakes, the modern day rockers have had a chance to redeem the way that rock and roll is viewed by acting more appropriately, so the rockers today could keep the audience that has supported rock all of these years. The rockers...

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