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The Influence Of Saturday Night Live On The 2008 Election

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The Influence of Saturday Night Live
On August 29th, 2008 Senator John McCain announced his decision of electing Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential Candidate. This declaration provoked controversy amongst many of the United States citizens and while the majority of the people supported McCain, there were still a select few of both the republican and democratic parties that were bewildered by his decision. They view Sarah Palin as ignorant and someone who could not play any significant part in running the United States government, and their scrutiny of her soon reached the public via television. Although entwined with humor, the Saturday Night Live vice Presidential debate clip is an example of the doubts society has on Palin’s experience. Through humorous satire the Saturday Night Live spoof, intending to be seemingly harmless, effectively influenced the votes of many young Americans.
Through the use of irony, Saturday Night Live is trying to amuse the audience and arouse the viewer’s interest to get them to pay deeper attention to both Palin and Biden’s views, with high hopes that the listener will not take Palin seriously. After explaining the generic conservative view of how two homosexuals should not be allowed to get married, Sarah Palin states “marriage is meant to be a sacred institution between two unwilling teenagers.” By saying this, she is referring to her fifteen year-old pregnant daughter who is arranged to marry her teenage boyfriend. Those that do not know about the background or family of Sarah Palin might take this quote literally, when in reality this is not what Palin actually believes. Although this specific comedic remark is not to be taken seriously, it happens to skew Palin’s views and may confuse some of the viewers who are not familiar with these candidates and their political views. This can be used effectively due to the fact that today’s American public is increasingly busy and overworked. Many Americans come home from an exhausting day at work and want to take a break from it all and they may prefer to watch something that will make them laugh rather than make them think. Although these spoofs on the election have truth to them, when something is turned into humor it attracts more people and these negative characteristics of the candidates are more top of mind.
As today’s population continues to grow, each day the number of potential voters grows with it. The number of young voters is considered one of today’s most important topics of society. Having the ability to swing the decision of the young, newly registering voters could make or break a shot at the presidency of the United States. There are countless organizations and associations devoted to raising the number of young registered voters. With this negative comedic attitude towards Governor Palin the way these Americans votes’ are swayed could have a great impact on the election, especially considering the many adults and young adults that are tuning...

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