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The Influence Of Shakespeare On Dumas

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The Influence of Shakespeare on Dumas
Alexandre Dumas was the writer of many famous books such as The Count of Monte Cristo and The Three Musketeers. Dumas was influenced by many different authors and play writers, but one significant influence on Dumas’ writing was the work of William Shakespeare. Dumas used Shakespeare’s ideas of poison and romance in his novel The Count of Monte Cristo. Experts say that one pivotal element that Dumas used in The Count of Monte Cristo that is also used in the plot of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is the notion of pseudo-poison in the tale of two lovers . In The Count of Monte Cristo, the Count gives Valentine a fake poison to give the appearance that she is dead . In Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Juliet is given a fake poison so that everyone will think that she is dead . Unlike in Shakespearean tragedies, especially Romeo and Juliet, the poison does not end in a tragic ending. In The Count of Monte Cristo the two lovers are not deceived in a way in which they would kill themselves. In Romeo and Juliet, the unfortunate ending was the fault of bad timing for the most part. In The Count of Monte Cristo, the timing was perfect, because the Count manipulated all the events that occurred.
The idea of forbidden love also comes from the work of Shakespeare. In The Count of Monte Cristo the love between Valentine and Maximilien is kept a secret from their families, and Valentine’s parents would be outraged if they discovered their love. Valentine is to be married to someone other than Maximilien, which resembles Juliet getting married to Paris in Romeo and Juliet. The story of two lovers and how they become united appears to be a close comparison to the story of Romeo and Juliet . The difference between the writing of Dumas and the writing of Shakespeare, is...

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