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The Impact Of Shift Length On Nurse’s Health And Wellbeing

822 words - 3 pages The impact of shift length on nurse’s health and wellbeing

A number of studies have found that the working hours have considerable impacts on nurse’s health and wellbeing. The overall wellbeing of nurses who have a compressed schedule, such as working for 12-hour per day for 7 days and then 7 days off, were higher than nurses worked for standard schedule, such as standard 8-hour shifts, or standard 12-hour shifts with 2-3 days off (Roberson, 1986). Thus, it seems to be depends on the schedule characteristics. Nevertheless, the relationship between working hours and physical and psychological complains were well documented. In 2002, a cross-sectional study of Lipscomb et al has examined the association between musculoskeletal disorders of the neck, shoulder, and back by. The results showed that working more than 8 hours/day was significantly related with the elevated number of musculoskeletal complaints in one or more body area. Therefore, long time exposure of the job demand will increase the risk of musculoskeletal disorders. Moreover, with long working hours, nurse’s sleep can be affected and they might complain from sleep disorder. Dorrian et al. (2006) conducted a pilot study of the safety implications of the Australian nurse’s sleep and errors risk of occurrence in Australian nurses. They reported that nurses were complaining of being a wake in 36% of shifts, while 23%, 40% and 36% of shifts were complained of physical and mental exhaustion. Moreover, Australian nurses reported that they had falling asleep on 28% of the day. Thus, less sleep might be associated with occurrence of errors, and this could be a problem on patient’s safety. Portela et al. (2004) found that health complains are various between day and night 12-hour shifts, where headache migraine are more common in day shift than night. Furthermore, emotional disorder (depression, anxiety, and tension) are more common symptoms appear in the day shifts. However, there was no complaining with regard to the sleep disturbance. Considering stress and emotional exhaustion, two main studies have examined the stress in 12-hour shifts. Hoffman and Scott stated that with 12 hour shifts the registered nurses were experienced high level of stress than registered nurses who worked for 8-hour shifts. Nevertheless, Roberson (1986) indicated that stress symptoms were improved after two months implementation of 12-hour shifts. A further contradictory finding in a study conducted by Stone et al. (2006) shown that stress among nurses who worked for 12 hour shifts...

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