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The Influence Of Social Media In Our Society

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‘Beep’ that was the sound of notification of the message on my smart phone, my friend just wrote on my Wall. Yes, I mean on Facebook. He’s got promoted to CEO. And guess what he has even uploaded the celebration video. Isn’t that remarkable? I am in Bahrain and my friend is in Australia.

Social Networking is a diversified technology today, which makes it possible to travel around the world while just sitting in your chair. Communication was particularly a challenge in the past, locally or abroad but it was a tedious affair. But speaking of today, I think it’s just a piece of cake. All thanks to the Social Media. It’s considered one of the essential backbones of online technology which ...view middle of the document...

Computer technology was merely used for documentation, emailing etc. People were only focused on a single point of marketing. The only mean of advertisement was newspaper and magazines. Whereas looking at the endless possibilities today, an individual is aware of everything around him via World Wide Web, smart phones, and online communities. An interesting report by Patricia Redsicker points out that, “People are more attracted towards visual networks which help the brands, individuals or groups to accomplish immense amount of customers. As per her article, in 2012 sites like Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr attained around 10 million visitors, all for striking images. And people even spend more time on these visual networking sites rather than on Google and others”

Internet and connectivity was once only accessible through computers, but that isn’t the same today. Mobile phones, Tablets, I pads are the mini versions of computer. Things that are approached on computer are now also very much available on smart phones, helping you to receive your important day to day mails more easily, advertising your products and services on free or paid ad sites, staying in connection with your Company employees and Managements, shopping online, paying bills through smart phones, studying online, live video conversations, daily news events at your fingertips etc. The index is unlimited. The central idea is to focus on the possibilities social media can aid in expediting various fields of mankind including Business, Marketing industry, Education, Political, and the positive impacts it can sync in our daily life.

Personally speaking in terms of Education reform, I found Social networking rather beneficial in terms of my education and for my career graph by adding my teachers and following CEO’s of grand firms and Scholars on Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Positively various online educational group discussions...

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