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The Influence Of Socialization On The Individual

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Surrounded by controversy, socialisation has persistently had a paramount influence on the way that we, as individuals, conform to the roles that we are presented with in everyday life in regards to the self, work and gender. A significant contradiction concerning the way in which we socialise is that although we are in our most ordinary roles that appear inborn, we are essentially in masked roles that are composed by society (Willis, 1979: 184).

Although we manage our roles and they seem natural, they are in reality roles that have been assembled by society. The non-essentialist or ‘social constructivist’ view of the self contends that we are shaped and modified by the external influences ...view middle of the document...

When people communicate in everyday situations, they will convey themselves in a way that they wish to be presented by the other person. Often, an individual will stage himself or herself to be favoured by the other person as during a social interaction, they develop an impression of one another based on these relations. (Goffman, 1959, Pg.102) It is clear that while we are in our most ordinary roles that appear inborn, we are in essence in roles that are composed by society

Work brings sense to our lives. It conveys substantial social meaning and value as our status is predominantly based on the work we do, a judge has greater status than a retail worker. Thus, it is socially and culturally significant to an individual. People come to conclusions about an individual’s education, social class position and family background because of the work that they do.
In addition, work is seen as the key to happiness, varying in accordance to how satisfying ones job is. It is essential for people to maintain their sense of identity as being employed and having a duty to perform will enable them to feel important and needed, especially since long hours are spent at work as opposed to home (Germov, 2011, Pg, 251). People define each other in terms of the job that they have. Our values are heavily influenced by socialisation. If a person has grown up and been exposed to a society that morally favours hard workers, then it is likely that that person will also value hard work because they have been brought up to believe that it is rewarding to be a hardworking person and not a ‘bludger’ that does not enjoy work or is lazy. It is evident that our roles are constructed by societal views. By working, we have the ability to involve ourselves in consumer society. Those apart of this society feel the need to accumulate lavish goods in order to build or maintain a reputation and status within society; they suppose that consumerism leads to happiness. Willis’ claim is accurate,...

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