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The Influence Of The Connectivity Of The Cell Phone On Art

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The Influence of the Connectivity of the Cell Phone on Art that is considered a Form of Relational Aesthetics

The 1990s came with transformation in many aspects of social life, including art. Digitization of the society through the emergence of the internet and the advent of mobile or cell phones greatly transformed human relations and the society in large. Art and aesthetics has been greatly influenced by the advancement of networking technology in the society since the 90s. As Tofts (2005), a culture critic and renowned cyberculture author, explains in his article aptly titled FCL-039 tsk tsk tsk & Beyond: Anticipating Distributed Aesthetics, “the social concept of networked communities, which preoccupied us in the ‘90s, has its correlative in a particular strand of aesthetics” (Tofts, 2005). The cell phone is one of the key implements that have networked the society by increasing connectivity between people. Digitization and networking of the society has not only changed the way art is produced and distributed but also how it is defined in the context of human relations. Explaining better, Tofts (2005) points out that digital forms of art production, distribution and interaction such as the internet and multi-user platforms, including cell phones, “have modified the spatial and temporal dimensions of what constitutes an art event and an experience of it” (Tofts, 2005). This is because in the 1990s, the approach of analyzing and categorizing fine art changed from the perception of the artist as a central figure in art production to an approach in which the artist is viewed as the catalyst, rather than the object at the center. In this paper, the influence of the connectivity of the cell phone on art that is considered to be of relational aesthetics is explored in deep detail. This is achieved through an explorative review of a wide sprawl of literature on relational aesthetics and technology. The key areas discussed in this paper include the change in the approach to analyzing art through relational aesthetics, and how the networking of the society through the high connectivity of the cell phone has influenced fine art.
In the 1960s, art critics connected art and ethics through what is Krauss (1978) referred to as the “aesthetics of acknowledgement”. This approach to fine art analysis is the synthesis of the phrase “pointing to the center”, in which an artist is envisioned as the central object in fine art. This approach is best explained by Krauss (1978) in the article Video: The Aesthetics of Narcissism. In this work, Krauss (1978) answers the question “But what does it mean to point to the center of a TV screen?” The author and art critic explains that “pointing to the center” does not literally mean indicating with the finger where the center of the screen is, but perceiving the human body as the central instrument in video art. Krauss explains that the human body, whether the individual is a viewer or producer of video art,...

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