The Impact Of World War One On America

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The Impact of World War One on America
The Impact WW1 had on a number of countries was great, but what did it
have on America, did they gain anything? Did they lose anything? That
I what I will find out by looking at the American economy, the
American armed forces and Americas society in general, these three
topics will help me to find the answer to my question.

After the war, countries looked to America for money and resources,
and this led to the economy being bigger than ever, the economic boom.
The economic boom involved five main factors, which made America look
like the god of the world after the war.

The fact that America was rich in natural resources such as coal,
iron, oil, and timber meant that they could easily afford to run
bigger and bigger factories.

Bigger factories meant that there was going to be a big increase in
the number of workers needed, and this need for more workers meant
that there was room for a change in the way factories operated. Henry
Ford, the founder of Ford cars realised this and so came out with the
idea of the Assembly line. The assembly line was simple, it brought
the materials and products to the workers, which saved time walking
across the factory floor and meant the pace of production, could be
dramatically, increased. This is what happened, because there was the
capability of manufacturing products at a fast rate, mass production
came into play, and now everything was being manufactured in large

The increase and the need for manufactured goods meant that there were
more methods of advertising being introduced, such as the increase of
billboards everywhere, advertising on the radio as well as in the

This increase in advertising made the need for manufactured goods
greater than ever. So, this meant more and more people wanted to buy
the new and exciting products, which were being made, but what if they
did not have all of the money up front, this is where new methods of
finance came in. Suddenly paying on the margin was introduced, this
was when somebody wanted to buy a product but didn't have all the
money up front, so they paid in instalments, this was a major change
for economy, because now people could buy what ever they wanted.

But why did America hit a economic boom, maybe its because the way
they were affected after WW1, or not as some would debate. After all
they only lost 109,000 men, so they still had a strong and young
healthy workforce, and their infrastructure was untouched, so they
could really carry on as normal after the war.

With all that is mentioned above I feel that it is quite clear that
WW1 contributed a great deal to the boom in the 1920s.

So what impact did WW1 have on the American armed forces, well as

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