The Influences Of Blanche And Stanley

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Koch 1Amanda KochProf. Sarah JonesENG 102-0717 Oct. 2014The Influences of Blanche and StanleyOnce after reading and watching "A Streetcar Named Desire", and then going through the historical context of the play was very interesting. It has made me feel like a detective in a way. Picking through and finding curtain details that make the play even more magnificent. It makes sense after reading about the fable, the language of life, the acting power of it all, the music and all the roles that made this play superior and how it all makes this play one of a kind. I'm going to talk about each one of those concepts more in depth and how the different behaviors that drove these characters from their cultural backgrounds.I found the historical artifacts super interesting and what made this play "A Streetcar Named Desire" so magnificent. "Theater: Masterpiece" says it all, it talks about the fable, the language of life, the acting power of it all, music and all the roles that made this play superior, one of its own kind. Something that we mentioned in class that really stood out to me was when we brought up Stella's character in the live performance and how she acted passive. As I was reading the context on the "Theater: Masterpiece" the paragraph that talks about forgotten roles really stood out to me. In the paragraph it talks about Stella's role as a character as kind of forgotten. So after reading that and as it goes on about Stella that purposely she wasn't supposed to be an important aspect of the play or what the authors were trying to get us to focus on.Looking at Blanche's character in "The Streetcar Named Desire", there are many stereotypes the author particularly wanted to standout in the play. As we all know this play took place in the late 1940's and from the very beginning of the play it is seen that Blanche is announced as a southern belle stereotype. If you weren't aware of what a southern belle is represented as, it has many factors. To begin with a southern belle and primarily Blanche's character as an aristocrat, in tradition they are idealized as woman's beauty. She sees herself as proper and fashion is equally important. That's why Blanche is always wearing fancy clothing such as her, dresses, hats, jewelry, perfumes, and cosmetics. Her "solid-gold dresses, (...) genuine fox fur-pieces, (…) pearls, bracelets of solid gold, (…) and diamonds" (Williams, 1789-1790). All of these necessity's Blanche owns are what categorize her as a southern belle. She has to walk, and talk beauty. Being polite was critical for the southern woman. What I found significant is even her name Blanche has great meaning to a southern belle, "It's a French name. It means woods and Blanche means white, so the two together mean white woods. Like an orchard in spring!" (Williams, 1799). According to "American AE Journal", her family name, meaning woods and consequently referring to papers and pencils. Keeping in mind of how ironic that is considering...

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