The Influences Of C.G. Jung Essay

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The Influences of C.G. Jung

     Carl Gustav Jung was influenced by literature, symbolism, religion, and the occult From a very young age. Jung's influencs remained with him as he became a doctor of medicine and a psychological theorist. The philosophical, the supernatural, the symbolic, the religious, and the occult all influenced Jung's area of psychological expertise, making Jung's psychology not only unique to Jung, but also pioneering in the field of general psychoanalysis.


In Ernest Gallo's article "Synchronicity and the Archetypes. (Carl Jung's Doctrines)", Gallo cites that Jung was "deeply drawn to the occult" (Gallo, 1994). Jung's younger cousin, Helen Preiswerk, had the ability to actually shatter knives in a drawer "with a loud bang" (Gallo, 1994). This and other similar cases caused Jung to write his medical dissertation about occult phenomena using this cousin as his subject. Gallo continues by citing that "while Jung was arguing with Freud about psychic phenomena, a loud noise emanated from a bookcase; Jung predicted that it would be repeated and was highly impressed when this portentous prediction came true." (Gallo, 1994). Jung also reported that "he saw the vision of a face half buried in the pillow next to him" (Gallo, 1994). Despite Jung's lack of doubt toward these experiences, Gallo says that "Jung was far more than a simple occultist." (Gallo, 1994), and that Jung was "engagingly skeptical about his wilder speculations" (Gallo, 1994).


The son of a Protestant Minister, Jung also had ties to western religion. Ties that showed themselves in his beliefs and writings (Microsoft Encarta 96 Encyclopedia). Jung cited the importance of the unconscious as a religious channel in his psychological studies. To Jung "the unconscious [is] the only medium in which one can experience God" (Abstracts, 1976, 10:19). It is therefor dangerous for humans in general to ignore the unconscious. Jung writes "Not only will Ignorance of the unconscious deprive him of the religious experience, it will also blind him to his capacity for evil, hence making possible for this evil to be projected and depriving him of his capacity to deal with it." (Abstracts, 1976, 10:19). Despite Jung's insistence that psychology be "empirical and phenomenological rather than philosophical or metaphysical" (Abstracts, 1976, 11.1), Jung believed that psychologists must take religion into account in the analytic process as "it represents one of the most ancient and universal expressions of the human mind" (Abstracts, 1976, 11.1). Jung's concept of "meaningful coincidence" is tied to the spiritual as well. This is evidenced when "At certain moments of heightened spiritual awareness, the archetypal meaning structure that spans the mind and the world flashes into visibility" (Gallo, 1994). Jung even goes so far as to suggest that religion is an integral aspect of the healing process. In fact, "Jung asserts that many neuroses are never cured unless...

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