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The Influences Of Fun And Humour In The Workplace

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The dynamics of fun and humour bring stakeholders together to promote a welcoming environment. Fun and humour creates an open culture and provides a perspective for employees. With the right balance of these elements, stakeholders are productive, content and are much more open to creativity. Similarly, employers that give acknowledgement to employees make better decisions at work. Nonetheless the consequences of fun and humour have serious detriments to the extent of how much fun and humour can be tolerated today. Issues occur when perceptions of appropriateness and personal barriers affect humour and fun in the workplace between stakeholders. Furthermore, with modern day workplaces, contemporary issues arise when level of access to social networking websites effect factors such as performance and the implications it can have on individuals and the organisation as a whole.

The need for an encouraging environment is vital, as the right balance will give employees and employers comfortable surroundings. The Maslow’s pyramid of needs as indicated by Norman (2008, p.10), demonstrates the importance of fun and humour as well as other factors in an everyday situation. Horin (2011) expresses the need for a balance of these elements; as a result employers and employees will not cooperate and will eventually leave the workplace prematurely due to a negative in their surroundings. Kersley et al., 2006 (cited in Baptiste, 2009) suggests the introduction of fun into the workplace enhances performances which in turn improves the motivation to be at work and reducing stress levels that come with the responsibilities given inside and outside of the workplace. In the services industry, such as retail, happy employees will also increase customer satisfaction. Well-being is also a key factor that is entailed in fun and humour in the workplace. Bolton, 2006 (cited in Baptiste, 2009) ‘recent analysis of the Sunday Times “Best Companies to Work For” notes that a fun at work environment is treated as one of the distinguishing factors of a caring approach to employees, and is claimed to enhance superior performance’. Another way of encouraging fun and humour is to engage everyone in the workplace. Managers and higher end staff can adopt the ideas of engaging employees in discussions and suggestions which will create eagerness to be at work and the willingness to be open in a non-threatening environment (Norman 2008). For these reasons, it is important to encourage a welcoming environment for all workers by managers to feel well and happy in making the workplace a welcoming haven to work in.

Moreover, employers need to establish a relationship with employees so they are more productive, more content and are open to being creative (Bains, 2007 p. 241, cited in Fleming 2009). The introduction of happy dynamics such as ‘fun Friday’s’ and performance appraisals will lead to improving good communication systems that will promote the aid in developing employment...

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