The Influences Of Media On Establishing Teenage Identities

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As teenage girls seek to establish a sense of self, teens may experiment with different roles, activities and behaviors. This is an important process of forming a strong identity and developing a sense of direction through life. Mass media plays an important role in shaping the youth culture. As we all know that in the current modern society, internet, television and magazines has become the inseparable elements of a teenage girl’s life. Internet has become one of the most indispensable components of the youth generation.
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A person develops his/her character depending on the environment that they grew up from. This consists of the place and the people surrounding them as they grow up as a teenager from this point, a teenage is able to build up an attitude towards school, family, teachers and the people they associate themselves with. The awareness of Visual ID is posted all over social media sites and is plastered all over magazines and television programs, after looking at some statistics I have found that up to 73% of teenage girl’s use social media and I do feel that there are a lot of dangers after looking at these statistics and how easy it is for teens to access this information and the ease teenage girls have to mimic their role models. Most of the role models teenage girls look up to are in the age range of 21-27, most of these role models are able to make both a positive and negative influence on teenage girl’s but some fear that these role models are mainly negative and are able to influence a child’s behavior through body image, and many celebrities are able to glamorize damaging and destructive behavior such as drinking alcohol, engaging in drug use or promiscuous behavior.
On the positive side most consider athletes and young celebrities as good role models mainly because the media is able to publish positive stories about how celebrities can influence teenagers on almost any subject from education to sports. Some organizations even use the idea of celebrity role models to get their message across a lot of media platforms for example Stomp Out Bullying Campaign uses celebrities that are well known in children and teens such as Emily Osment, Lance Bass and Demi Lovato mainly to raise awareness and influence positive behaviors.
The image to the left is of three of the main teenage role models of 2013 and I feel the specific way they look is the image that teenagers concentrate on to create the perfect image and airbrushed looks, that is able take over a teenagers life, most of these role models have become child stars from an early age and have had a huge amount of followers that are aged from 13-19. The media continue to portray the airbrushed goddesses and muscled perfect hair male, young teenagers believe they should look like and are filled with more than beauty and sex advice, forcing young teenagers to play dual roles in society.

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