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The Influences Of Music Essay

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Music influences many people, positively and negatively, these are the views that people have on how music affects them. The main thing that causes people to think the way that they do when it comes to music is that the vast majority of artists of the most popular genre of the time are sending bad messages that are influencing people that want to be considered “cool”, different, and do things that are morally incorrect and illegal. Many genres have negative messages that influence people to do what most people would consider wrong. Many people blame one specific genre for being the one that influences people in a negative manor but it is multiple genres. Many people also believe that certain genres are giving off positive messages to their children and relatives, but in actuality they are listening to music that gives off a message that could convince them to do something that is illegal or dangerous, maybe even both. Many artists use extremely vulgar language in the lyrics of their songs and they couldn’t care less about who hears it as long as they make a large abundance of money, when that happens, kids that are in middle and elementary school that are easily manipulated at that age can hear the songs and start using the language that they hear in the song in their everyday vocabulary while supporting the person or group that is making the music that the kids are hearing is causing them do things that they know are wrong. “Don't buy into the perverted spin that casts debasement be it in a song or video as free speech.” (Borowski, John F) Many artists write music about doing things that are illegal such as doing drugs, drinking alcoholic beverages and getting drunk every day, or causing bodily harm to a person that they do not like because of the way that they dress, maybe even murdering somebody. Kids help the type of artists that condone the negative message that they are sending out by buying their records and songs which causes them to become even more wealthy than they were before they made the music which causes the artist to make more songs like the one that made them wealthy and the new songs have the same meaning as the other song that made them the money that they were hoping for, they also hurt the artist by file sharing their music which cuts into their profit. Many studies done on record sales shows that file sharing is a major issue with sales (Greenhaven 26). Many artists that are trying to get started in the industry are affected greatly by file sharing. Illegal file sharing can be disastrous to a local repertoire (Greenhaven 27). When the people that are manipulated and influenced by the songs that their favorite artist has made, they make songs of their own that have many similarities to songs that they listen to bad meanings, which is one way that the bad influence cycle begins. The artists’ choice of vocabulary isn’t the only reason that people are influenced by them, their influence is also because of the way that they...

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