The Influences Of Rome On The World We Know Today.

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Rome was a civilization comprised of acquisitive, motivated, powerful, and headstrong people. These qualities allowed for the civilization to surpass its neighbors in technology, government system, war and battle and the basic overall function of the city. One of the reasons Rome was able to surpass its neighbors was due to that fact that it could recognize in other civilizations which inventions worked and which did not. The Romans would then copy and even improve on the successful inventions or ideas, using them to benefit Rome. Many of these ideas and inventions have survived for over two thousand years and have had a profound effect on our world. The civilization paved the way to the world of entertainment that we know today, molded our morals and values, and established a system of government and law that has been and still is used worldwide. Entertainment was a substantial part of the every day life of a Roman. For entertainment one could go down to the Coliseum and watch a brutal and savage fight to the death, or stroll to a theater for a musical concert or play. Our lives revolve around our entertainment much the same as the Romans. Instead of ambling over to the Coliseum, we go to a sports arena and watch our favorite team compete against some other team in modern sports such as basketball, soccer, or football. Our gruesome battles however are on television and our live action is primarily sports. Entertainment is still a large portion of our everyday life and many of the structures we sit in for live entertainment are built based on the architecture of the Romans.Rome constructed a hierarchy of values knows as the "Roman Code of Ethics". This hierarchy was as follows: family came above all else; second came civic duty; and third came personal honor. This simple code of ethics has affected many people world-wide. John F. Kennedy, in one of his famous speeches, referred to Roman civic duty and the Romans' regard for it when he said, "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country". Today these values are not necessarily in the same order...

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