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The Influences Of The Environment And Genetics On Intelligence Armstrong State University/ Psychology 1101 Research Paper

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Running Head: The Influences on Intelligence
The Influences on Intelligence
The Influences of the Environment and Genetics on Intelligence
Makenze Marchman
Psychology 1101
Dr. Amuna
7 December 2017
The Influences of the Environment and Genetics on Intelligence
One’s intelligence is determined by two factors, the environment and genetics. Although, intelligence is a case by case basis. Environmental components that contribute to a person's intelligence level are malnutrition during early stages of life, deficiency of micronutrients, level of cognitive stimulation a child receives at home, and social factors including school attended, and physical exercise. Genetic variables that contribute to intelligence include head size and the volume of the hippocampus (a part of the brain essential for learning and long term memory). It is also said that certain environmental factors trigger one’s genetic potential and vice versa. How intelligence is determined is important to psychology because cognitive development directly affects one’s overall development and is important in order to maximize their future well-being.
Environmental factors play a large role in shaping a person’s intelligence. Malnutrition during early stages of life causes hindrance in mental and physical growth and reduction in IQ by an extensive amount. Deficiency of micronutrients, lack of breastfeeding, and presence of environmental toxins are linked to impaired neuropsychological development and performance in a classroom. The level of cognitive stimulation a child receives at home is an significant environmental factor that helps shape their intelligence. Reactions between a mother and her child is the most pertinent in establishing development of intelligence in infancy and early childhood. Social factors also contribute to the environmental factors that help determine a person’s intelligence. For example, the school a child or person attends, has an influence on how they will gain knowledge. If the quality of education they receive is bad, then they will not reach a certain intelligence level. Physical exercise is important in developing intelligence. In children, it creates and consolidates memory. In adults, it maintains intelligence for executive functions. A research study conducted by medical students of the Armed Forces Medical College in India found that, “Out of the 163 people in the high IQ group, more than 50% engaged in some form of physical exercise for more than 5 h a week” (Makharia, 2016).
The study performed by the Department of Medicine of the Armed
Forces Medical College in Pune Maharashtra, India, was conducted using a questionnaire consisting various environmental factors such as parents education, occupation, income, and activeness. The scores were calculated using IQ score on the Raven’s Test. They were divided into three groups, below normal IQ (0-79), normal (80-119) and high (above 120). The study showed that people who scored a higher IQ were residing in...

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