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The Influences On, And Attributes Required Of Personnel Acting In A Supervisory Role

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1. IntroductionThe aim of this report is to investigate the behaviour of supervisors within the workplace and how that behaviour can affect the workforce.2. Supervisor Attributes.The list below details the attributes that should be displayed by an effective supervisor:(i) Firm but fair, a supervisor must, at all times be fair to their subordinates, supervisors are responsible for their subordinates and the actions of those subordinates. If the supervisor is weak or easily influenced by pressure from their subordinates then the subordinates will start to challenge the authority of the supervisor. If a supervisor feels unfairly treated by their supervisor then that subordinate is going to prove difficult to control, if left unchecked this situation can spread to others in the group.(ii) The supervisor should be able to counsel group members on problems that are not associated with work. A supervisor should encourage team members to seek their advice and should be aware on where advice may be gained regarding particular difficulties ie financial or compassionate difficulties.(iii) Supervisors should be calm and not seen to panic, panic can spread at astonishing speed and can turn an organised group into a disorderly shambles in no time. A supervisor should remain calm and maintain good order amongst their subordinates at all times, during stressful time the subordinates will look towards their supervisor for calm, logical leadership and direction out of the situation.(iv) An effective supervisor should give credit where credit is due, praise and recognition of effort are very important to all individuals. Praise and recognition shows that the efforts of the group or of one individual within the group are being noted and are not in vain. This will inspire the group to maintain high standards, if the efforts of one individual are recognised the other members of the group will try to improve their individual performances, thereby raising overall standards and effectiveness.(v) An effective supervisor must be willing to admonish fair discipline to any member of the group. If any member of the group sets a low standard either personally or professionally and is not disciplined in a fair manner, other members of the group will assume that they can assume the same low standards without fear of discipline. This situation will lead to poor effectiveness and performance of the group.(vi) An effective supervisor should encourage group members to strive for promotion and to attend training courses; the supervisor should be an example for subordinates to strive towards. A supervisor should recognise those group members that are suitable for promotion and encourage them, this may involve sending them on training courses or assisting them to study for promotion examinations.(vii) An effective supervisor should include group members in the decision-making processes; one of the supervisors may have previous knowledge or experience of a particular situation, which...

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