The Influences On Orson Scott Card's Works.

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There are many parallels between Orson Scott Card's life and his works as a science fiction writer. His childhood greatly influenced his life more than anything that has been happening today in the world. He found his morals in his youth that helped him determine between good and bad. Many of Card's works involves the Mormon Church, whether on purpose or just subconsciously. He writes science fiction mostly, which he was introduced to as a child at a public library in California (where he grew up). Card's childhood and beliefs as a Mormon are what influence his writings.Card lives in North Carolina with his wife, Kristina, and their five kids: Emily, Charlie, Zina, Erin, and Geoffrey. All of the children were named after famous authors. For example, Emily was named after Emily Dickenson (Edward). In 1986 and 1987, Card won the Hugo and Nebula awards for Ender's Game and its sequel, Speaker for the Dead. Card is the only author to have ever won these two awards two years in a row (Swann). Card has written many novels especially in the science fiction genre, which he is most famous for. He also writes plays, historical fiction, and essays. Before being a novelist, he was a playwright. Being a playwright helped him to be a better author because he was constantly reminded that there was an audience that he had to please. He has written hundreds of audio plays and several scripts for animated video plays for the family market (Taylor).Card grew up in Santa Carla, California. The culture there helped shape him into the person he is today. The culture of Santa Clara and Mesa influenced his writings of the educational system in those two cities. As a child he was fascinated with history. He marveled at the great Roman empires and what caused these great empires to fall. He studied military tactics used such as the turtle ( The turtle is a defensive tactic to protect the men from getting hit by an arrow. Many of his novels include things that are similar to events that have happened long ago. An example being the rise of Hitler compared to Ender rising to power. In all of Card's stories, the main characters are children. He uses children because he believes that they are pure and naive something that adults are not. The children face real moral dilemmas. He says that his characters will face evil no matter what they do to avoid it because that is real life (Clute). The children have to foresee the effects that one decision can make on their lives.One of the things that has helped Card to be such a successful author is how he was raised as a child. His parents were always writing, as were his siblings. Everyone in Card's family was a writer, so it was natural for him to excel in it. The writer that had the greatest impact on Card's life was Joseph Smith, author of The Book of Mormon. His book influenced Card's beliefs and helped establish them.In Card's Alvin Maker series he clearly paints the allusion to the Mormon doctrine and history. The...

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